How To Calculate the Area of a Square?

What is a Square? Square is a plane dimensional figure. It is a form of quadrilateral which has four sides and all sides are of equal length, and each angle is 90`. There are four vertices of a square. And also four edges of the square. Square is also a rectangle. We see a number … Read more

What is a TRIANGLE and How To Calculate the Area of a Triangle?

Triangle is a two-dimensional plane figure or a triangle is a polygon with three angles, three sides, and three vertices. In other words, the triangle is a close figure with three straight lines. We see a number of objects which are made in the shape of a triangle in our daily life. Types of Triangle … Read more

An Essay on Memorable Day of My Life

Introduction Whenever we take birth, we spend a number of different days in our whole life. Some days are special,and some days are sad, some days make our face smile while some days make us cry. There is alwaysa memorable day in everyone’s life. Memorable day refers to that day which gives us some specialmemories … Read more

An Essay About My Home

Introduction Home is the beautiful place where all we live, spend quality time with our family, enjoy, etc. Home really means a lot in everyone’s life and each and every person loves their home either it is big or small because it is a place where we born and get relaxed at their home. Students … Read more

An Essay About My Class

Introduction Every student spends most of their time at home and secondly, at school and in school, they spend most of the time in the classroom. So in the life of every student classroom plays and very important role. Our classroom is our second home at which we spend most of our time of the … Read more

An Essay on Nature

Introduction Nature is the precious gift that is given to us by god. Nature includes everything which we found in our surroundings like water which is used for drinking, air which is used for breathing, greenery which we can see in the form of plants, trees, etc. are the things that are included in nature. … Read more

An Essay on Good Manners

Introduction We all learn many things from our childhood regarding good manners. Our parents first teach us about good manners because good manner is one which defines our character then after home we all learn a number of lessons in school regarding good manners. There are separate books in the school for good manners. Because … Read more

An Essay on Kindness

Introduction The society and the world in which we are living are full of uncertainty. No one is aware of what will happen in the upcoming future. There is a number of natural calamities which everyone faces like floods, earthquakes, drought, tsunami, and many others. Everyone has to suffer from these natural disasters. But the … Read more