An Essay on Nature

Introduction Nature is the precious gift that is given to us by god. Nature includes everything which we found in our surroundings like water which is used for drinking, air which is used for breathing, greenery which we can see in the form of plants, trees, etc. are the things that are included in nature. … Read more

An Essay on Good Manners

Introduction We all learn many things from our childhood regarding good manners. Our parents first teach us about good manners because good manner is one which defines our character then after home we all learn a number of lessons in school regarding good manners. There are separate books in the school for good manners. Because … Read more

Daily Routine of Students

Daily Routine of Students Introduction About 80% of the students face problems that’s what should be their daily routine? How do they manage their daily activities? When do they go to sleep? When do they get up early? What should be their study pattern? How they can become perfect in their lives? How they can … Read more