An Essay About My Class


Every student spends most of their time at home and secondly, at school and in school, they spend most of the time in the classroom. So in the life of every student classroom plays and very important role. Our classroom is our second home at which we spend most of our time of the day. Every child loves their classroom very much because there are many memorable memories like they make their classmates as their friend with they spend their whole day in very happier manner, they also make good relations with the teacher in the classroom. So, the classroom is an essential part of every student’s life.

About My Class

Here in this essay, I am talking about my class. I along with my 80 friends are sitting in our classroom. There are around 120 classrooms in our school but my classroom is very different from all and this is one of the reasons because of which I love my class. My classroom is on the top floor of the school and just near the skating ground. It is one of the biggest rooms in the whole of our school.

It is well managed and well organized by the workers with the most comfortable chairs and tables. There is a separate chair and table for each student in our classroom so that no one can disturb the studies of another. There is also a comfortable standing place for teachers. There is two green board in our classroom in which one is used for study purpose and the second is used as a notice board in which all important notice is written.

Our room is very airy and pleasant with many windows and fans. There is also a proper lightning arrangement in our classroom which doesn’t affect our eyes. We learned a number of things in our class from our teachers. With learning education, our teachers also help to learn more regarding many other matters, like to build a sense of discipline, learn more about social and cultural factors, build punctuality in our life, about good manners, about social responsibility, about the good behavior and many other things which we learn from our teacher.

About Different Students

Every classroom contains different students in our class also there are many different students with different thoughts, behavior, and culture but all these students together spend all the day forgetting their caste, culture, etc. Our class contains a group of topper students who sit on the front benches and a group of dull students who sits on the last bench. Teachers give special attention to the dull students and give extra work to them. There is a group of 8 girls in our class who participate in every cultural function of our school and our class always wins 1st position.

There is a group of 10 boys who actively participate in every sports function held in our school. Sports mainly include basketball and our class mostly wins in the basket ball. Mostly our classmates go to the library for getting extra studies in their free lectures. There is a number of books are available in our library which enhances the extra knowledge in students. There is a sense of cooperativeness and coordination between all the students. Every student of our class helps each other in every situation and in every difficulty. Our class is the role model of almost every class. We clean our whole class at the weekend including chairs, tables, windows, fans, etc. Which makes all staff very happy and a sense of positivity and good vibes also comes in the students.

Platform of Learning

Our classroom is the platform for learning where we learn numerous things with the study. Our teachers help with creative ideas. They give many practical works. They help in building innovative and new ideas. They help in learning regarding sports also. So, our classroom is a platform for learning about everything.


At last, it is concluded that class is the second place where we spend most of our time. I love my
classroom because it is a very precious part of my life. It is a place where I learn millions of things. My
class gives me pleasant nature for learning, helping friends, encouraging teachers which really means a
lot in my life. We all must take care of our class, respect our class, clean our class from time to time.