An Essay About My Favourite Game

An Essay About My Favourite Game essay about my favourite game essay of my favourite game an essay on my favourite game


Games play an important part in our life. Games help us physically and mentally fit our bodies. Growth and fitness in children majorly depend on the games. More and more playing games help the children to grow fast. So games play an essential part which everyone must do in their life. Games also help in exercising our body because in outdoor games by moving here and there our arms, legs are automatically exercised.

An Essay About My Favourite Game
An Essay About My Favourite Game

Every person plays games according to their own choices like some people prefer to play games like
carom, chess, Ludo, etc. because they don’t want to go outside. But some people mostly prefer outdoor games like playing cricket, hockey, badminton, etc. which warm up their body and help in exercising. In some simple words, it can also be said that games are an essential part like we do our studies, job, in the same manner, we must do and play games because overall development of children, people mostly depend on games.

As we’ve seen in many areas in which many people who make their career by playing games. For example, Viral Kohli makes his career by playing cricket and he also plays for our nation. But some person plays the game only for their interest like some people have a hobby to play a game like cricket, badminton, etc. In their free time, playing games is both optional and mandatory for some people.

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Types of Games

There are mostly two types of games which is defined as:

Indoor Games:

Indoor games are those games in which we need not go outside and play games. We can easily play these games by sitting at our home. Ludo, carom, chess, and some games on our mobile phones are mostly examples of indoor games. Some parents don’t allow their children to go outside for playing Games like on a rainy day when their children are not feeling well, whenever any disease is separated etc. So they can entertain their Body and fresh their mind by playing indoor games. Some people also make their career in indoor games like in playing chess, by play chess on a national level and win, then many institutions government, promote them by giving some rewards, etc.

Outdoor Games:

Outdoor games refer to that games are playing in open ground, park, stadium, hall, etc. By going outside from home. Playing cricket, badminton, hockey, football, etc. mostly are examples of outdoor games. Outdoor games are very important for our body because it helps in exercising our body and warm up our body etc. By playing outdoor games our mind becomes relaxed from our daily routine. And we get much knowledge about games from our other players of the game.. Many people make their career in playing outdoor games like cricket, hockey, etc. They play on a national level and can win as the result of which they get many rewards, certificates, money, etc.

My Favorite Game

My favorite game is cricket and the popular cricketer Sachin Tendulkar, and MS Dhoni, are inspirational to me and I feel motivated and encouraged to see them by playing in the stadium and playing for our nation. I play many other games like chess etc. But Cricket is my favorite game. When I was a child I mostly play cricket in our nearby park and in our colony etc. It is my favorite timepass during my childish age. My many other friends also play cricket with me and I feel very excited and encouraged to play cricket.

My favorite thing is doing batting even I’m not playing well but I practice so that I also become perfect at playing cricket like others. Whenever other players are doing batting then I’m waiting for my turn. There are two teams in cricket And both teams consist of 11 players one who does batting and the second team is doing bolling and fielding. There are some other players who are in waiting if any partner gets injured and because of any reason, they can’t play then this player play in place of them.

Some players like to do fielding, bowling, etc. according to their own choices and taste but I love to do batting. Whenever any match is performed by our country with another country like with America, Pakistan, etc. then our whole colony sits at one place and we watch the complete match together. Game cricket is also taught me a lesson for my life coordination is very necessary if we want to win. And a sense of discipline, punctuality was also encouraged in my life by playing cricket, and these things I also applied in my whole life for my success.


At last, it is concluded that game is a very important part of everyone life. Many people play games according to their choice like some want to play indoor games and some people like to playing in outdoor games. My favorite game is cricket because it’s helped me to build discipline and punctuality in my life. So everyone must play some games which help in exercising their body and also helps them in living a healthy and fit life.

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