An Essay About My Favourite Teacher

An Essay About My Favourite Teacher my favorite teacher essay for my favourite teacher essay my favourite teacher a essay on my favourite teacher


Teachers play a very important role in the life of every student. Every student faces different teachers at their different levels of life, Like the teacher who treats in junior level is different from the teacher who treats student in senior level as same as a teacher is also different in the college level. So in other words we can say that every student faces a different teacher with different nature.

An Essay About My Favourite Teacher
An Essay About My Favourite Teacher

Every student has their own favorite teacher according to their taste, preferences, interest, liking, disliking, etc. And our favorite teacher impacts us in various different ways. For example, if a teacher is the favorite of any student because of its nature then that student also tried to treat all his classmates and family members with the same nature. So it impacts with a different way in student life. Here, I am going to discuss my favorite teacher.

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My Favourite Teacher

An Essay About My Favourite Teacher

My favorite teacher’s name is Mr. Dev sir. He is around 35 years old. He teaches us math. From starting I’m very weak in mathematics because I’m getting very confused in math in solving problems. Even I like math whenever I have to solve mathematical problems because of my confusion and I got very less marks in mathematics. This is the reason that my favorite subject becomes my hate subject. But when Mr. Dev sir comes to our school and starts teaching us math then he solves my difficult to a difficult problem in a very easier manner.

If I asked him my problem one time two times, three-time, he never mind and treat me in the same manner with pleasant nature and try to give his best until I learned. And he performed not only his duty in school whenever at home I face any problem in math then I can directly contact him and even he was working, firstly he solved my problem and then continue his work. With the coming of Mr. Dev sir in our school, my mathematics subject becomes my favorite subject again.

Why he is my favorite teacher?

My mathematics teacher is my favorite teacher because of many reasons and qualities because of which he becomes my favorite teacher like:

He’s too pleased with all of his students and other teachers so that because of this he treats all of his students in an equal manner. He cannot differentiate between students and he treats his students not as a teacher but as like a family member and the best quality of him is that he can never punish students with even a slap. He tried to give his best in every manner and tried that no student can feel hurt because of him. This is one of the major reasons because of it he is my favorite teacher. Mr. Dev sir has a very friendly nature with all of the students, so he cannot solve only problems related to subjects of mathematics, etc. If any student is confused regarding his life and in taking some decision then he helps the students by giving his best solution of that problem. So that students will encourage and motivated. He never shows his anger to students.

What do I learn from him?

An Essay About My Favourite Teacher

I learned many lessons from my favorite teacher like he is very polite and pleasant in nature with all of his students and teachers. This is the reason that every person likes him. So I also try to become polite and pleasant with my friends hood, my family member and I feel a very big change in my life by making him my inspiration in life.

One more lesson that I learned from my teacher is that whenever he gets his salary he donates some part of his salary to the poor people by making books available to him, and by providing blankets in winter’s, by providing clothes, etc. and it is one of the hobbies of my favorite teacher that to help poor people and do every possible thing to help the poor people that they can do. And with this, I also learned and try to give some part of my pocket-money to poor children. And try that no one hurts in any manner because of you and treats every person in an equal manner because all are the person of God. These are the major lessons that I learned from my favorite teacher in my life.


At last it is concluded that every student has their favorite teacher in their own life. Teachers become favorites of students according to their own choice, taste, preference, etc. I discussed my favorite teacher that is Mr. Dev sir. His quality and his nature make him a favorite in my life and this is the only reason that every person loved him and respects him. So we tried to that making teacher as our
inspiration and do things according to him.

An Essay About My Favourite Teacher

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