An Essay About My Home


Home is the beautiful place where all we live, spend quality time with our family, enjoy, etc. Home really means a lot in everyone’s life and each and every person loves their home either it is big or small because it is a place where we born and get relaxed at their home. Students wait for holiday because they want to go home, working parents also wait for free at evening just because they want to go home, whenever we go outside from our home for someday, we all becomes excited to go back to home after someday. So, it doesn’t matter our home is small or big, in the village area or in an urban area, it is well furnished or not, but everyone loves their homes more than their lives.

About My Home

Here, I am talking about my home, how it looks, about my family, and many other related things. My home is in a village area near Panipat. It is neither very big nor very small. Like all, I also love my home because it is a place where I live with my family and spend all my quality time with them. I live in a nuclear family. And my father struggles a lot to build such a beautiful building for us. There is a two-bedroom, one guestroom, one kitchen, and a joint washroom, and lobby at the ground level in which we live and the same portion is on the first floor, we give this portion on rent. So that, money receives as rent is our extra income. The person who cares very much for my home is my mother. She cares for each and every part of our home. She is one who makes home neat and clean every day. And she cleans all things like a fan, decorative items, doors, windows every weekend. Sometimes, my father also helps my mother to clean the home.

My Room

There is a separate room for me and my big brother. We both live together in a single room. I am very caring for my room because it is not only a single room, it acts like heaven in my life. There are many decorative items in my room and every decorative item gives a lesson in my life. Like, there are many paintings of nature, thoughts, soldiers, etc. Which inspires me at every stage of my life and increases the positivity, good vibes, good thoughts every day. There is two single bed in my room one for me and the second is for my brother, one study table at which we study according to our timetable, a joint toilet, a sofa set and many other things which makes my room well furnished and well looking. I love each and every part of my room.

Our Garden

There is one garden exactly in front of our home in which we spend most of our time both in the winter and summer seasons. We grow a number of vegetables, fruits in that garden so that it helps in eating healthy fruit and food. We also play some games like football, chess, badminton, etc. in that garden which makes our body relaxed.

Why do I love to stay at home?

There is a number of reasons because of which I love to stay at home all time. The one most important and major reason is that my home gives me family and I love to spend time with my family. And the level of comfort which I get at my home is not anywhere. I feel very comfortable staying at home because it gives me a pleasant nature and I easily get all my things. Whenever I go outside from my home then I feel very difficult to stay outside and I only wait to go back to home. I cannot stay outside my home for more than three days maximum.


At last, it is concluded that my home is a very beautiful place which is made with lots of effort by my father where I live with my family and spend my quality time with them. I like to stay at home because the level of comfortable which my home gives me is not anywhere. There is one garden exactly in front of my home in which we play many games, grow fruits and vegetables. So, my home is very essential to me like everything as we discussed above.