An Essay About My School

An Essay About My School essay about my school in English write an essay about my school short essay about my school


An Essay About My School

Education plays a very important role in everyone’s life. It is only education with the help of which we can raise our standard of living, education also helps us in finding high paying jobs. So getting an education is not optional but is mandatory. And in this modern world, every person goes for higher to higher education which differentiates them from others.

An Essay About My School
An Essay About My School

School is that place after home at which every person can get their education according to their own choice. School helps in gaining education by providing furniture like benches, chairs for sitting, teachers who treat their students as like their parents and they solve the problems of children in a simple and easy manner.

School also provides a clean and green garden at which students can also play games. So, it can be said that school plays an essential role in everyone’s life. School is my second home because of many reasons like I spend more time in my school after home and school also provides my comfortable environment, best nature of teachers, etc. So that I can gain more and more knowledge is very easy manner.

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I love my School

An Essay About My School

I love my school very much because of many reasons like some of which are: My school provides me, my parents, like teachers who treat me in a very good manner. They listened to my problems and they also helps in solving my problems other than studying. Whenever I have any doubt in my studies and in any chapter, my teachers always give me the best solution. So that I can remember that my whole life. They are very kind to me. This is one of the major reasons that I love my school.

My school provides me home-like furniture where I can sit in a very comfortable manner like they provide chairs on which I can sit and table on which I can hold my books or bags etc. There are many other assets in our school like a green board, whiteboard, blackboard, etc. on which teachers can teach easily. Fans, proper lighting in every room doors, windows, etc. so that everyone feels comfortable in getting an education.

A proper clean and green environment is provided by my school where students can play games in their free lectures so that their physical development takes place in the body and they get knowledge about different games etc. Many circular and cultural activities are also performed in my school in which any student can participate like, in sing songs, perform their dance, do any other activity as according to their own choice. So that with the education their overall development takes place and they also appreciated by providing some medals, certificates, etc.

My school also provides computer labs where we can learn how to run a computer, science labs where we do many experiments by our own hands, and many other things which our school provides to us as well as our parents. These are the some major reasons because of which I love my school.

What I learn from my School

If anyone can ask me what I have learned from my school then I’m not answerable to this simple question because there is no wording in which I can define my school and Its role in my life. I learned many things from my school that how to live in a disciplined manner not only in school but in our whole life.

I learned from my school how to treat our adults and how to treat our juniors with love and respect. I get my complete solutions to every problem related to many subjects like mathematics, science, political science, English, etc. I learned how to face difficult to difficult problems with full of confidence.

Helping animals by feeding them regularly and watering plants, helping poor people, etc. many other social helping activities which I learned from my school. I also learned how to dance from our dance teacher, how to sing by our music teacher without paying any extra fee. There are also many other activities related to study games, dance, etc. which I learned from my school.


At last, it is concluded that education plays a very important role in everyone’s life and school is that plays after home in which student can get their education. School provides many things to their students so that they can feel comfortable and easiness in doing a study like they provide their parents like teachers who solve difficult to the difficult problem of students in very easier manner etc. As we discussed above, so the life of students is mostly dependent upon their school, their environment, etc.

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