An Essay on Air Pollution For Class 1-12

An Essay on Air Pollution

Nowadays air pollution becomes a major issue. The problem of air pollution is rising continuously. Air pollution means when air is affected by dangerous smoke from industries, factories, and crackers, etc. The ozone layer is also getting affected by air pollution. Another cause of air pollution is transportation. Continuously increasing in the number of Vehicles release harmful smoke in the environment and get air polluted. And because of the air pollution human being have to face very difficulties and very diseases like Difficulty in breathing, lungs disorder, etc. Due to the air pollution lives of plans and animals are also affected and the whole economic system is also get polluted.

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An Essay on Air pollution
An Essay on Air pollution

Major Causes of Air Pollution

An Essay on Air Pollution

Burning of fossil fuels: The burning of fossil fuels is one of the major causes of air pollution.
Industrialization: Continuously increasing the number of industries in urban as well as rural areas is another cause of increasing air pollution.
Transportation: Increasing in the number of own vehicles like bike, cars, Scotties, etc. Release of harmful smoke from the vehicles
is also a major cause of polluted air.
Burning of woods: Burning of woods in the forests, wilds, etc Is also a cause of air pollution.
Burning of crackers: Burning of crackers mostly at the time of Diwali makes the level of pollution very high and human beings have to face various problems and diseases.
Burning of garbage waste: Burning of garbage waste rather than composting also releases harmful smoke into the environment and gets air polluted.
The greenhouse effect: The greenhouse effect is also a major cause of air pollution.

Effects of Air Pollution

An Essay on Air Pollution

• Children, younger, and old aged people have to face difficulty in breathing.
• Many people have to face various diseases like asthma, lung cancer, disturbance in lungs, etc.
• Lives of plants and animals are also affected by air pollution.
• Ozone layer is also getting affected by air pollution which causes much disturbance in the environment.
• Depletion of the ozone layer.
• Smoke-off air pollution may result in accidents on road.
• Air pollution also affects end destroy the crops in a variety of ways.
• Air pollution affects the reproductive system of birds, animals, and wildlife, etc.

Precautions of Air Pollution

An Essay on Air Pollution

• Use more and more public transport rather than your own vehicle which results in less use of fuel and less pollution.
• Government has to make policies regarding the control of air pollution.
• Government put a ban on ‘to burn crackers’ which results in less smoke in the environment as well as less air pollution
• Ask your family members and relatives to use cabs, taxis, etc. to go to nearby places.
• Grow more and more plants in your locality to get fresh air for breathing.
• Industries must be set up far from the residential areas.
• Use air conditioners only when necessary.
• Use bicycles when possible.
• Compost more and more garbage like dry Leaves etc.
• Ask children to use school transport.


An Essay on Air Pollution

At last, it is concluded that in today’s era air pollution becoming a major issue. And every single person has to face various difficulties and many diseases like lung cancer etc. We all are responsible for this problem. Government starts Various policies regarding the control of air pollution. The government has to start various guidance programs to aware people. We all must join our hands to resolve the problem of air pollution. For fresh air in the future, we need to fight against air pollution. So, it is our responsibility to take initiatives to protect the lives of human beings, birds, plants, etc

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