An Essay on Clean India Green India

An Essay on Clean India Green India

We all need that our surroundings must be clean. We get fresh air to breathe. We all get pure water to drink. Also, we want that have a peaceful atmosphere to live in. These all things are possible if we joint hand together with the aim to clean surrounding. Clean atmosphere help to gain positivity and to gain good vibes in our mind and heart. But the real view is totally opposite from this. Air pollution affects the freshness of the air, water pollution affects the purity of water, noise pollution affects the peaceful environment for living.

An Essay on Clean India Green India
An Essay on Clean India Green India

There are many garbage waste, disposals, etc. which are thrown here and there in streets, rivers which result in negativity and occur of many diseases. In other words, it directly affects human health. The lives of not only human beings are affected, but the lives of plants, animals are also affected by all these problems. Animals drink dirty water from here and there which results in illness. And lives of plants are also affected in many ways.

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How we clean India

An Essay on Clean India Green India

Everyone wants that India must be clean and green. But the question arises how is it possible? The answer is very simple, by our own efforts. If we together join our hands and take steps to clean India, then We soon get the ‘ Clean India Green India’ Our Prime Minister, Shree Narendra Modi starts the ‘Swatch Bharat Abhiyan’ to make clean India and green India. Anyone can become a member of this Abhiyan. We can take many steps for clean India, some of which are described as:

  • We prefer to use the fabric bags rather then the plastic bags. Because use of plastic is harmful to the nature and it is difficult to compost the plastic.
  • Government should put ban on the use of plastic bags.
  • Indian people must carry their fabric bags while going for shopping, purchasing vegetables, etc.
  • The another way by which we can clean India is composting. We must compost the items of composting nature, like dry leaves, kitchen wastes, some dry garbage etc.
  • Don’t dump waste materials in rivers, lakes, ponds etc. Because its result in water pollution. Waste come from industries, factories directly into the river also pollute the water. This polluted water results in many diseases etc. So try to avoid this things, as a result we get pure water to drink.
  • Try to avoid the use of personal vehicles to go near about places. Use bicycle instead of motor vehicles. And try to use more and more public transport.
  • Encourage children to use school vehicles to go to school.
  • Set up factories, industries, etc. Far from the resident area. Don’t use crackers also.
  • Use the Reduce, Reuse, Recycle process to clean the environment.

The attitude of Indians

An Essay on Clean India Green India

The people of India mainly focus on cleaning themselves and another focus on cleaning their homes. They think that cleaning society, surroundings, streets, etc. is not their duty. It is the duty of only cleaning workers. But this mentality is totally wrong. It is the duty and responsibility of every Indian, to clean their nearby places. The clean surrounding helps to live a disease-free life. Everyone must join hands together and take a step to make India clean. Indians must learn from other countries, that how their country is neat and clean.


An Essay on Clean India Green India

At last, it is concluded that We all want a clean environment in our surroundings, pure water to drink, fresh air to breathe, And it is all possible only by our efforts. we all have to work together if we want clean India and green India. also, we have to change our attitude regarding the work of society, streets, rivers, etc. Our Prime minister Mr. Narendra Modi Ji start the Swatch Bharat Abhiyan to make India clean. We also take many steps to make clean India and green India, like Using fabric bags to go shopping, Avoiding the use of plastic bags, etc. So that the people of India can live happy and healthy.

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