An Essay on Computer For Class 1-12

An Essay on Computer

The computer is an electronic device that performs various functions like printing, data storage, messaging, calculations, and many others. Computers are available in the market in various colors, types, sizes, etc. There are many parts of the computer like monitor, mouse UPS, Keyboard CPU which is also called the brain of the computer, etc. The computer was first discovered by Charles Babbage in the 19th century. Now the use of computers is continuously rising.

Computers are used in every place and in every field of our life like banking, airports, railways, office, factories, schools, educational institutions, etc. In today’s era, every work is done on a computer, So life without the computer is very difficult. Earlier every work is done manually, So it takes too much time to complete a work. But after the discovery of a computer, all work is done on the computer.

An Essay on Computer
An Essay on Computer

Earlier the work which is done in 10 days, After discovering of computer this work is done only in 10 hours. So computer makes the life of people very easier. We can use computers for many purposes, like for chatting, video calling, messaging, calculations, internet connectivity, playing games, etc.

An Essay on Computer

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Uses of computer:

There are many uses of computer, the main uses are:

For medical purposes: The computer provides each and every information regarding which medicine is best for which disease and also defines the precautions which have to follow while taking medicines.
For calculations: Computers help to solve the difficult to difficult calculations only in a couple of seconds.
For connectivity: The other main use of computer is that it helps in connectivity with peoples, relatives, friends, etc. which is too far from us. We can easily contact them by making video calls, messaging, etc.

For research purposes: Scientists, researchers, etc. mostly use the computer for research purposes. Because there is each and every information available on the computer.
For maintaining records: Schools, educational institutions, colleges, etc. mostly use the computer for maintaining records of the student, teacher. We also can store the data and records on the computer.
For educational purposes: We can use computers also for educational purposes. Because there is each and every information regarding study material, syllabus, solutions are available on the computer.

An Essay on Computer

Advantages of computers:

The main advantages are:

Saving of time: The work which is done earlier in 10 days, Now with the invention of computers this work is done only in 10 hours. So computer helps in saving the time of people. And this time can be used for other purposes.
Storage: The main advantage of a computer is that it stores the files, data in auxiliary storing devices.
Accuracy and reliability: The work of computers is not only limited to calculation. The result given by computer is more accurate and reliable as a comparison to the manual work.

Multitasking: Multitasking is another main advantage of computers. People can do multiple tasks and perform multiple operations at a single time. The computer solves millions of problems in just only one second.
Communication: Computers help us to communicate with friends, relatives, and family who are far from us by messaging, video calling, etc.
Impact on environment: Continuous increasing use of computer also have a negative impact on the environment.

An Essay on Computer

Disadvantages of computers:

The main disadvantages are:

Reduce employment opportunity: The main disadvantage of computer is that it reduces Employment Opportunity because the past generation people don’t know about the use of the computer.
High cost: The cost of the installation of a computer is very high. Everyone can not afford to purchase and install a computer.
Diseases: Continuous use of computers may result in various diseases like decreasing eyesight, distractions, etc.
Hacking attacks: The data stored in the computer may be hacked by hackers by using some tricks.

An Essay on Computer


At last, it is concluded that the Computer performs various functions like data storage, messaging, calculations, solving problems, and many others. The work which is done earlier in days, now with the help of computers that work is done only in few hours. The use of computers is continuously rising. But with this, there are many negative impacts of computers on our society and environment like hacking attacks, reduction of employment opportunity health effect, etc. So we have to use the computer in a good and limited manner. And try to use the computer only when needed.

An Essay on Computer

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