An Essay on Coronavirus (COVID-19)

An Essay on Coronavirus (COVID-19)

Coronavirus is also known as COVID-19. COVID-19 stands for: Co stands for corona, Vid stands for virus and 19 means the first case of coronavirus is found in 2019.

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The first case of Corona virus was found in Wuhan, China. This is the largest pandemic in the whole world, and almost every country have to suffer from this epidemic. Because of the coronavirus, many people lost their lives. Many children’s lost their parents and there
are many parents who lost their children’s in this pandemic. Many people have to face financial problems, employment problems etc. There are many people who lost their jobs because of the coronavirus. And there are many other difficulties which we all have to suffer in this epidemic.

An Essay on Coronavirus (COVID-19)
An Essay on Coronavirus (COVID-19)

Government Steps

An Essay on Coronavirus (COVID-19)

The government takes many steps to control the coronavirus. Like firstly government apply the ‘Junta Curfew’ to control this pandemic. When it becomes difficult to control the coronavirus, the Government takes the step of ‘lockdown’ which continuous for two months. After the second strain of coronavirus, Government starts giving vaccination free of cost at every place, village, town, cities at vaccination centers. The government also makes rules regarding the social distancing, wearing masks, washing hands, sanitizing hands, etc. Government closed the schools, colleges, cinemas, PVR, temples, and many other places. Government also encourages people to stay home stay safe and go outside only when necessary.

Three zones:

The government divides the whole country in 3 zones which are, red, green, and orange.

Red zone: The places which are covered under the red zone area in which there are many active cases of coronavirus are found. This area are totally sealed, and only necessary things are provided to them.
Orange zone: The areas and places that are covered under the orange zone are that in which there are very few cases of active corona virus are found as compared to red zone. The restrictions imposed on the orange zone are very few.
Green zone: The places and areas which are covered under the Green Zone are that in which there is no active case of coronavirus are found. In other words, in the green zone, all persons are free from coronavirus.

An Essay on Coronavirus (COVID-19)


The major symptoms of coronavirus are fever cold, cough body pain, difficulty in breathing, etc. It is difficult to find the difference between the common cold and the coronavirus. Impact of covid-19 on various sectors: Coronavirus have an impact on various sectors of our society some of which are:

  • One of the major impact of coronavirus is on our education system.. Every school and college became Closed during this pandemic. No teacher and no student know about the online classes.
  • Some children face the problems of mobile phones, laptops, network connection etc. Some children used the other apps while online classes which is one of the negative impact of online classes.
  • Tourism sector is also affected by the coronavirus. Our large portion if income lies from the tourist sector. During the coronavirus, government closed the Airway, Railway services, as a result inflow of tourists became reduce. So income of India also reduced.
  • Coronavirus also impacts on the Business sector. There are many business which are closed during the lockdown. Imports and exports were also stop by the government for some time. Which results in the less of income of people as well as less income of nation.
  • The another impact of coronavirus was on livelihood, health of peoples, mental impact, pharmacy, etc.


At last, It is concluded that corona virus was a big pandemic which we all have to suffer. It was firstly found in Wuhan, China. Because of the corona virus many peoples lost their lives, And at present also there are many active case of coronavirus. Our Government takes every possible step to control the coronavirus, like Junta Curfew, lockdown, close the schools and colleges, temples, theatres, etc. Vaccination are provide to everyone with free of cost in villages, cities, towns. There are many people who take the wrong advantage of this pandemic like shopkeepers selling their fruits, coconut water, etc. at very high rates. Some people migrate from one place to another. The only solution to this problem is that, we have to take care of ourselves and maintain social distancing, wearing masks etc.

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