An Essay on Cow

An Essay on Cow


The cow is an herbivores animal. Cows are domestic animals. It has four legs, a very big body with two eyes, two ears, one nose, and one mouth. There are many peoples mostly in villages who keep the cow at their home to take the various benefits of the cow. In some areas, many heartless people cut the cow for one or another reason. This is a very serious problem. But now the government take many steps to protect the cow, like the government putting a ban on the cutting of cows. And in some areas, people do respect of cow, they feed the cow, they worship the cow, etc.

An Essay on Cow
An Essay on Cow

Importance of Cow

An Essay on Cow

The cow is a domestic animal. And it is important in various ways, some of which are given as:

Give milk: One of the most important benefits of cow is that cow gives us milk. The milk of cows is used for many purposes. Even the life of a human being starts with drinking cow’s milk after the mother’s milk. Cow’s milk helps us to boost our immune system. In other words, it can be said that cow’s milk helps us to protect from various diseases. Cow’s milk can be used for many other purposes also like to make butter, ghee, curd, cream, etc.

Cow leather: The leather of cows also has great importance. Cow leather is widely used for lather production. There are many purposes for which we can use the leather of cow like to make leather shoes, car seats, leather belts, and in many other things made from the leather of cow.

Cow dung: Cow dung plays a significant role also. Cow dung is used for fertilizers by many peoples to get good crops. There are many other purposes for which cow dung can be used like for biogas, fuels, etc.

Major Problem in India:

An Essay on Cow

In India, there are many places at which no one can give cows special attention, care, and a place for their living. These problems are mostly faced in urban areas. There, cows are left on roads, etc. They live and sleep on the road. So, unfortunately, sometimes by road accidents, by railways, many cows lost their lives. In some places, people cut the cow for one reason or another. And because of this, many cows lost their lives.

The government has to take serious steps for solving all these problems. Like government put a ban on cutting cows which is a very good step. Government should also make shelters for the living of cows so that they can live easily with a safe life. Peoples also take some important steps to protect the cow. Some people make associations for saving the life of cows. And anyone can become a member of that association. Some peoples donate money for cow welfare programs.

Cow as Goddess:

In India, the cow is treated like a goddess. The people of the Hindu religion worship the cow. It is said that in the Hindu religion that there are many God and Goddess lives in the cow. People of the Hindu religion say the cow as ‘Gau Mata’, which means that all people treat and worship the cow as their Mother. They feed the cow every day, cares, loves, respect the cow as their family members. In the Hindu religion, ‘Cow Puja’ is done at many festivals and occasions. In other words, the cow is a significant part of the Hindu religion. Many peoples make organizations, associations, etc. help the cow, making ‘Gaushala’ save the cows.


At last, it is concluded that the cow is a domestic animal. It has a very big body, with two eyes, two ears, one nose, and one mouth. There is much importance of cow: like cow provides us milk which is very good for health and helps to boost the immune system. And cow dung, leather is also very important. In India, people of the Hindu religion worship the cow. They treated the cow as a Goddess. They feed the cow, loves, cares, respect the cow. But at some places, cows are left on roads because of which reason many cows lost their lives due to accidents. The government takes various steps to control this.

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