An Essay on Discipline

An Essay on Discipline


Every parent, teacher teaches their children and students to live in a disciplined manner wherever they go like in-home, at school, on the outer side, etc. But many students are unaware of the meaning of discipline and what are the advantages of discipline. So, here we are discussing what the actual meaning of discipline is, and how our lives become effective by living in a disciplined manner. In simple words, discipline means rules and regulations which we must follow in our life to become successful people.

An Essay on Discipline
An Essay on Discipline

Discipline sets a boundary wall in the life of every person for their manner, behavior, etc. which helps everyone to succeed in their life. So everyone must follow regular discipline. Discipline helps a person to live a punctual life. There are many people in our surrounding who thinks that following discipline is an essential part of our life and there are many other people who think that following discipline is optional. They can follow when they want.

But in my personal opinion, everyone must follow discipline because without discipline the life of a person is just like a waste thing and no one cares about the waste things. Their life becomes waste because they have no punctuality, no rules, etc. Mostly our parents, teachers help us to live in a disciplined manner. They also teach us the lesson of discipline, how to behave? how to react? how to live in society? etc. In some schools, from time to time lectures is provided to students regarding discipline and its importance.

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Importance of Discipline

Many people, children students are confused that what is the importance of discipline? There are much importance of discipline in our life like some are:

  • Discipline is an important tool which control all our activities of daily routine. Without the full of discipline the life of a person becomes very inactive and whenever any person starts to follow the discipline in their regular manner then its helps them to increase the punctuality in their life. So that they can achieve their targets of their life.
  • Discipline also helps in building a good image in our society because many parents teach their children by giving them lessons of others well succeed persons who followed discipline. So if we follow discipline in our life then we also become a lesson of others that how discipline is important in our lives. When we follow a discipline our life then we have to sacrifice our many of habits like late wake up etc. Which is very difficult in starting but when we use it in our daily life then it becomes our habit and it also helps in gaining a better future. So, it can be also said that a little sacrifice in present helps in gaining of bright future with the help of discipline.
  • Discipline helps in trained our mind and body language because it trained us that how to behave in a particular situation and how we can improve our communication skills with our elders and with juniors. It also helps to keep our bodies fit because continuously follow a routine becomes our habits. So, it helps to live in a peaceful Manner.

Why We Need Discipline?

Discipline helps to bring punctuality and efficiency into our life. So, that we can live life in the enjoyable manner. Discipline also brings moral values for people as well as for society. A sense of human behavior raised with the help of following of discipline. Whenever any person wants to achieve a target in their life or to succeed in their life then they must follow discipline. To live a happy and healthy life everyone must follow the discipline in their life, which includes exercise, yoga, mental peace. And self-discipline is more important and valuable than the imposed discipline in our life.


At last, it is concluded that discipline plays a very important role in our life and we also must have to follow discipline in our life. Discipline means rules and regulations which we can follow in our lives, to get success and achieve targets. Discipline sets a boundary wall for the activities in which we have to perform. There are two types of discipline one is self-discipline and the second is imposed discipline. There are much importance of discipline like discipline helps in achieving the target, get a successful life, to building a good image in our society and to increase a social the social responsibility also. So everyone has a need to follow a discipline in life because without discipline every life of a person becomes useless and no one cares about them.

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