An Essay on Dowry System


There are many social evils performing in our country. Social evils like dowry system, child labor, the difference between girls and boys, difference between different people according to income, etc. These problems of social evils are continually rising. Doing social evil is not a mistake but it is a crime and there is always a negative impact of social evils on many people, in our country because of these social evils.

The Dowry system is also a social level which is performing in our country is continuously increasing level. In this modern era even still there are many areas many, villages, many cities in which the Dowry system is performed. The Dowry system is one of the reason because of which many families fears to born a girl child as a result of this, they take wrong steps like abortion and throw girl child after their birth in the river, drain, etc.

Meaning of Dowry System

The Dowry system is a system in which parents of a girl’s family are asked to give some money, some other assets like a bed, sofa, refrigerators, etc. with the girls on her marriage. There are many other demands in dowry system by the boy’s family like there are many families who demand luxury cars, luxury bikes, luxury jewelry, etc. with a girl on her marriage. as we discussed the dowry system is a part of social evil and this dowry system is performed all over India except some cases otherwise every single family demand a dowry system directly or indirectly.

Impact of Dowry System

There are uncountable negative impacts of the dowry system on the people as well as on the country. Like, some of the major impacts of the dowry are:
• By continuously increasing demand for dowry by boys family results in that the parents of girls family have to take a loan to marry her daughter. So that, they spend their whole life repaying the interest of their loan.
• As fear of dowry system, many of parents take wrong steps like abortion of the girl child after the checkup, And when the girl child is born then they throw her like waste things in the nearby river, drain, dustbins, etc. This exercise is performed by many heartless peoples even in this modern era.
• When many families give dowry to her daughter at her marriage, then there are many families of boys which demand even more and more after the marriage like many families demand bikes, cars, expensive jewelry after marriage as a result of this they beat girl, they treat very badly with girls, etc. And all because of this many girls take wrong steps like suicide, eating poison, etc.
• This is becoming a ritual in our country that girls always have to take some of the dowries with them on the marriage. This is one of the reasons that our country is back from many counties because of this negativity.

Dowry- in Modern World

Now in this technological and modern world, there are many social evils that are decreased to a very large extent. The Dowry system is one of the social evils which is reducing. The government has taken various steps to control the dowry system like those parents who abolish the girl child have to be given punishment by the court and law includes fines and imprisonment. demanding dowry by boy family is also a part of crime and there are many laws and orders are becoming to remove the dowry system to a large extent. So, in simple words, it can be said that in this modern world the dowry system is reducing continuously and no family can demand dowry from the girl’s family.


At last, it is concluded that the dowry system is a part of social evil. There are many negative impacts of social evil on the people as well as on the country. As we discussed above the negative impacts like abortion of girl child, throw girl children after their birth in the river, drains, etc. Wrong steps were taken by girls like suicide, eating poison, etc. But now there are many laws and orders are made to remove the dowry system from our country like those families who demand dowry on the marriage has given the punishment of imprisonment as well as fine etc. The government takes the step of totally putting a ban on the dowry system. So as a result of this no parents now fear to born girl child.