An Essay on Environment

An Essay on Environment


Everything which we see in our surroundings is known as an environment that our nature gives us. Our environment is full of greenery which we see in the form of plants, trees, etc., and water which we see as Ponds, lakes, rivers, etc., and many other things which our nature gives us as an environment. We need oxygen for breathing to live that our environment provides us in the form of air and we need water on the earth that also our environment provides.

An Essay on Environment
An Essay on Environment

So we can say that there are many things which our environment gives us as a precious gift for survival on the earth. But in today’s era, as we all know our environment is getting continuously polluted in many ways like air pollution with many reasons, some of which are smoking of industries, vehicles, and many others. our water is also polluted by some harmful and toxic wastage of industries etc. But to stay alive we need pure water to drink, fresh air to breathe, etc.

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Importance of Environment

An environment is important for everyone to live on the earth because of many reasons some of which are:

  • Our environment provides us with many renewable and many non-renewable resources on earth Which we use for many differential purposes.
  • The environment also gives many basic necessities of life without which survival on earth is not possible, like fresh air for breathing, water to drink, land, sunlight, many living organisms, plants, trees, etc.
  • The environment also gives us food, nutrition, in many ways which helps in getting a healthy life.
  • The environment also provides balanced temperature to stay on the earth.

Environment in Danger

In this technological word our environment is in very dangerous condition because everything is getting polluted. Some of major reasons are:

  • Fresh air is polluted by many harmful gases, harmful smokes which is released by factories, industries, etc. By vehicles, by burning crackers, also a reason of polluted air.
  • Pure water is polluted by many reasons like by dumping plastic bags in water, by throwing home wastes, waste less materials in water etc. Dumping of harmful wastages by the industries in the nearby rivers, ponds also a reason of water pollution.
  • Some of another reasons are land degradation, ozone layer depletion, losing of peace in environment, continuously cutting of tress, etc.

Protecting of Environment

An Essay on Environment

We must need to protect our environment from these hazardous happenings for happiness and healthy on this earth. There are number of ways by which we can protect our environment like we try to grow more and more plants everywhere so everyone can get fresh air and pollution of air also decrease. We must clean our society’s, houses regularly so that no disease can spread here and there. We also try to aware people regarding the importance of the environment and how we protect our environment. We try to use AC only whenever needed, not use of plastics, We must use the public transport for go to the nearby places, etc. are the way by which we can protect our environment.

Environment and Life

An Essay on Environment

Our whole life is dependent on the environment in one way or another. We cannot survive even a second on this earth if our environment cannot give us the basic necessities of life which include many things like water for drinking, air for breathing, sunlight, plants, animals, and many others. Many renewable and many non-renewable resources are also provided by environment which is very necessary for our life. So in short we can say that every human being, plants, animals is dependent on the environment.


An Essay on Environment

At last it is concluded that, our environment is a precious gift that our nature gives to us. Whatever we see in our surroundings is known as the environment. Our environment gives us countless things without which no one can stay on the earth. In other words, every animal, plant, human beings depend on the environment in different ways. But now, this beautiful environment is in danger only because of the carelessness of human beings. If we want a happy and healthy life, then we must take a step to protect the environment. So that every living organism can live happily on this environment. I must say that ‘Save Environment Save Life’.

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