An Essay on India


It is a very beautiful country. Many types of people are live here with different castes, different religions, etc. There are many cultural people are here. India is also known as the land of sacrifice. Many soldiers of our country like Mahatma Gandhi struggles a lot to independent India from British rule, many soldiers lost their life like Sh. Bhagat Singh etc. All the festivals are celebrated here full of joy and enjoyment.

An Essay on India
An Essay on India

India is also known as the country of festivals because people with different castes celebrate different festivals in India. There is rarely any month in a year in which the people of India can’t celebrate a festival. Some of the festivals are Holi, Diwali, Eid, Christmas, and many others. The relation is given more importance rather than money in India. Peacock is the national bird of India. Hockey is the national game of India. Tiger is the national lion of India. Tiranga is the national flag of India. Hindi is the mother language in India. Mango is the national fruit of India. Jana Gana Manna is the national anthem of India. Vande Matram is the national song of India.

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History of India

Before independence Britishers have ruled our country. In India, all things are done according to them. They rule on every person in India. All policies, rules are made by the Britishers and the people of India have to suffer a lot from this. Then our many soldiers take Steps to independence India from this British rule, in which many soldiers lost their lives in struggling.

On 15 August 1947, our India became free from British rule, and every year we celebrate this day as Independence Day in our country in which we do many activities like parades, dance, etc. On 26 January 1950, after the three years of independence our constitution become made in which every person can choose their leaders according to their own choices and this day every year is celebrated by the name of Republic day. Now after the gap of five years elections are held in our country India in which people can choose their leader by giving them both according to their own choice. There is a national holiday on both Independence Day and Republic day and many other special days are also celebrated in our country like Gandhi Jayanti etc.

People with different culture

There are many people in India who belong to different cultures. There are many people of different religions are in India like Hindus, Muslims, Sikhs, Christians, and all these people have different cultures different traditions, different festivals to celebrate, etc. But in India all these people live together as a family and celebrate all festivals, functions together and their dresses are also different for different cultures like in Punjabi culture dresses of Salwar Suit and Dhoti Kurta is used, in some cultures, Sarre is also used. So, every culture has its own traditions, dresses, language festivals, etc. but all these are living like a family. People of one culture respect with full dignity and faith with people of other cultures.

About India

India is the second-largest country in the world by population And the 7th largest country in the world by area. There are 29 States and seven union territories in India. Delhi is the capital of India. There are three colors in the national flag of India, The uppermost color is saffron which indicates the sign of strength and courage. In the flag, the middle color is White, Which indicates the sign of peace and truth in the country and at the bottom, the green color indicates fertility and growth in our country and there is an Asoka Chakra at the middle of our national flag. This flag is also known as the TIRANGA. India is known by the many different names like Bharat, Hindustan, etc.

In past decades the most population are engaged in doing the occupation of agriculture and India is a very less developed country. But now India is a fast developing country and there are many industries, factories which are set up in India. Metro, Railway, Banking, etc. all these facilities are also increasing. Villages in our country also developed and all facilities are provided to the people of the village. Transportation facilities also increased. So now we can say that India is becoming a fast-growing and developing country.


At last, it is concluded that India is a very beautiful country and there are many famous places to visit in India like in Agra, Taj Mahal is very famous. Jammu And Kashmir are known for their mountains. There are many people of different cultures with different religions is life there and there are many festivals which are celebrated in India so that India is also known as the country of festivals. People of different cultures celebrate different festivals together. In past, India is not a well-developed country and there are very fewer facilities are provided but now it is a well-developing country and many facilities like globalization, privatization, transportation, liberalization, etc. are increasing in India.

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