An Essay on Internet For Class 1-12

An Essay on Internet

Internet was first discovered by Bob Khan and Vint Cerf. We all are connected to the Internet in one or another way. The use of the Internet in today’s era is not optional, It’s mandatory. We All use the internet 24*7. In the modern world, the use of the Internet is continually rising.

Nowadays every single person uses the Internet facility in very different ways Like searching, calculating, solving problems, etc. Life without the Internet is the same as life without water, air, food, etc. In short, it can be said that life without the use of the internet is impossible. Children also use the Internet in many different ways like watching videos, playing games solving their school problems, etc

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An Essay on Internet
An Essay on Internet

Uses of Internet:

The Internet can be used in many ways. Their main uses are:

For watching videos: Children mostly use the Internet for watching videos for their entertainment. Adults mostly use the Internet for watching news etc.
For solving problems: On Internet, there is a solution to every single problem, Like mathematical problems, science problems, geological, biological, and many others.

For talking: There are many social media apps available on the Internet. And with the help of this app, we can talk to each other very easily. It doesn’t matter what the location of the person is.
For cashless transactions: Now many countries like India, use the digital method of transactions. We can easily pay or receive cash by using the smartphone and Internet instead of holding cash from one place to another.

For Advertising: The Internet plays a very important role in the field of advertising. There are many companies, industries, institutions, etc. which take the help of the Internet for the advertisement of their products and services.
For education: There are many teachers available on the Internet who provide online education to students whenever needed. So students can use the Internet for educational purposes also.
For online booking of tickets: With the help of the Internet we can take the service of easy online booking of tickets of railways, airplane, busses, etc. when we need.

An Essay on Internet

Advantages of internet:

The main advantages of the Internet are as follows:

Internet helps in gaining information about various fields. The work which is completed earlier in the 24 days, now with the help of Internet this work is complete only within 24 hours. So, the Internet makes life very easier. The Internet plays a major role in the life of working men and women because with the help of the Internet we need not go outside, we can easily do our shopping, booking tickets by sitting at home.

The Internet also helps in connectivity and collaboration with people. Children, younger, elders use the Internet also for their entertainment by watching videos, playing games, etc. So, in short, we can use the Internet for entertainment purposes also.
The Internet also plays an important role in sharing our locations and tracing of persons etc.

An Essay on Internet

Disadvantages of internet:

The main disadvantages of the Internet areas:

The continual use of the Internet directly affects the eyesight of people. The major disadvantage of the Internet is that it promotes crimes in many ways. Online theft, hacking by hackers are also the negative effect of the Internet. The Internet also distracts the patience, focus of the person. The Internet also becomes the cause of depression, loneliness because there are many people on the internet who compare their own life with others on social media, etc. The extended and continuous use of the Internet is not safe for children and also for their health.

An Essay on Internet


At last, it is concluded that in today’s world the use of the Internet is not optional but it’s mandatory. Life without the use of the Internet is impossible. The use of the Internet is continually rising. Internet helps us in various ways like for solving problems, for information provided, for online shopping, ticket booking, and many others, But with this, there are many disadvantages of Internet. Continually use of the Internet directly affects the eyesight of children. And there are many other drawbacks like hacking, theft, depression, loneliness, loss of patience, focus, etc. So we use the Internet in a good and limited manner.

An Essay on Internet

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