An Essay on Kindness


The society and the world in which we are living are full of uncertainty. No one is aware of what will happen in the upcoming future. There is a number of natural calamities which everyone faces like floods, earthquakes, drought, tsunami, and many others. Everyone has to suffer from these natural disasters.

But the one thing that is also prevailing is kindness and humanity. Kindness doesn’t only belong to human beings but kindness also belongs to animals, with our nature, old generation peoples, plants, etc. So, kindness is a very important part of our day-to-day life and no one can survive for a long period if no person can show his or her kindness to other people. For example, If people of any particular place are affected by a flood and all their houses are destroyed because of the flood.

They have no food to eat, no water to drink, then a little kindness shown by the government and other peoples encourage hope for their living and it helps in saving the life of people. So, kindness is a very important part of our day-to-day living.

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Importance of kindness

As we discussed above, kindness is an essential part of our life. Kindness is not only for human beings but kindness also includes animals, plants, nature, etc. There are many poor people are living on our earth whose survival is only possible because of kindness shown by the medium and rich people group. Kindness means the way to show our love and affection in very different manners. If no one can show his or her kindness regarding others then many persons, animals, lost their life. Kindness increases the positivity, enhances good vibes, increases moral values in the people which results in the overall development of the economy.

Kindness is a precious thing that is found in almost every person. The person who is kind by his nature regarding everything then everyone whether it is animal or human being remembered the person who is kind with others. It doesn’t matter how we are looking and how many rich we are, from which society we belong, what is our cast etc. These all things are ignorant parts of kindness. kindness only includes our love, affection care regarding others.

Present Scenario

The current scenario in which we are living is full of selfishness and rudeness. There are many few people who are kind regarding others. Every person is full of selfishness. Every single person wants that only they become rich as compared to other persons, they want to get all facilities of the world, they want to wear fancy dresses, they want to wear branded watches, etc. No one cares about the person who is living on the roads, no one cares about the person who has no shelter to live, no clothes to wear, no food to eat, etc. they just only want to complete their personal needs. No one cares regarding plants, the environment, nature, animals. Everyone is busy in their life.

But with all this, there are many other persons also who are very kind to others. They are ready to help in every situation like they feed animals on regular basis, they give food to hungry people, give blankets, clothes as a charity to the poor people. There are many other persons also who open many institutions in which they give work to the poor people and also give place for living. So, in this modern era, there are many people who are very kind to others.


At last, it is concluded that kindness is a very important part of our life. It is a precious flower that is found rarely in the environment. Kindness means how we show our love, affections, care regarding others including human beings, animals, plants, nature, etc. But now many people become selfish in their lives. They always want only their benefit, they do all things according to their choice it doesn’t matter how it affects the society as well other people. They don’t care about poor people, animals, etc. But with all this, there are many other persons also who are ready to help everyone like animals, human beings, nature. So it helps in increasing the positivity, positive vibes, good vibes in the society.