An Essay on Memorable Day of My Life


Whenever we take birth, we spend a number of different days in our whole life. Some days are special,
and some days are sad, some days make our face smile while some days make us cry. There is always
a memorable day in everyone’s life. Memorable day refers to that day which gives us some special
memories and we can’t forget this day in our whole life.

Here, in this essay, I am talking about a memorable day of my life that makes me every time smile.

My Memorable Day of Life

The most memorable day of my life is my birthday when I was in 12th standard. It was my last birthday
in school. I wake up normally on that day. All my family and relative wished me.

At School

I wear normally school dress on my birthday at school. It started becoming memorable from when no any my friend and any teacher with me on my birthday. Firstly I feel very upset in starting but then I realized after some time that my friends and some of the teachers were planning something.

I was very excited to know about their planning. But I was unsuccessful. After 4 lectures when it was time for lunch break then I normally go to drink water as usual and then I go to the park just to refresh my mind and then I came back to my class so all my teachers and friends collectively wished me the birthday with a very big cake and a number of different chocolates, candy, and gifts, etc. I feel very glad to see all that.

I was very happy and even all my friends and teachers were also happy. Then I cut my cake and gives it to my teachers, friends, etc. After that many friends and teachers give me gifts like some gives expensive watches, inspiring books, expensive pens, etc. Some teachers also gave me blessings It really means a lot in my life and then I gave a treat to all of my class and teacher. And the remaining day in school I spend very happily. So, this is the most memorable day of my life at school.

At Home

When I came back home and after eating lunch, my mother makes my favorite dish on my birthday always then I go for tuition. When I come back home after tuition it was 6:30 PM and all my childhood friends’ neighbors were coming to our home to celebrate my birthday. I feel really very happy to see all of them collectively. They together decorated our living room with lots of balloons, many ribbons, flowers, lightning, etc. These all things make the room very beautiful after that I cut a cake of a very big size. Then we take dinner and after that, we enjoyed a lot of dancing and playing a number of games. These all things make my day a memorable day in my life at home.

Some other memorable memories of that day

There are many other special memories were related to my birthday like I always go to the temple and gurudwaras to wish God for a better future and thank God forgive me for such a beautiful, loving, and happy life and giving me such a beautiful, caring, and loving parents. Secondly, my father always teaches me one thing whatever you have, give some of it partly as a charity, donation to the poor people, poor children who are unable to get that thing. So on my birthday I always give some money, blankets, books to the poor people. So that they can also spend their life in an easier manner.


At last, it is concluded that in everyone’s life there are many days which makes them happy and some days which makes them sad. There are some days that make our life memorable as compared to other days and it always makes us smile by considering that day in my life. The day which is the most special and memorable day in my life that is my birthday which was in my 12th class. I enjoyed myself a lot on that day as I discussed above. So we always give something as charity to the poor people who can’t afford to purchase the basic necessities things on every memorable day and we also get blessings in return for them.