An Essay on Mobile Phones

An Essay on Mobile Phones


An Essay on Mobile Phones

As we all know that our technology is developing continuously in the modern world and as a result of this, technology gives us very precious gifts like laptops, computers, mobile phones, and many others. These all-electronic devices help us in one way or another. The inventions of all these devices make the life of a human being very easier than before. The mobile phone is one of the main inventions that our technology gives us. In today’s life without mobiles is this impossible to think.

An Essay on Mobile Phones
An Essay on Mobile Phones

We can use our mobile phones for many different purposes. The use of mobile phones is continuously rising. Every person whether rich or poor has their own mobile phone. Even now, little children also use mobile phones. For example, In earlier times whenever we go out of home like for picnics, trips tours, etc.

We have to carry a number of things like a camera for capturing pictures, GPS for location, radio for listening to music, etc. Now, with the invention of the mobile, we have no need to carry all that things. We just carry our mobile phone and that’s it. Smart mobile phones carry all functions in themselves.

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Uses of Mobile Phones

An Essay on Mobile Phones

We can use the mobile phone for many different purposes. Some of the major uses of mobile phones are given as:

For making videos, capture pictures: We can easily make videos, capture pictures, etc. at any time by using mobile phones. Before the invention of mobile phones, we have to use the camera for this purpose and pay for that separately.

For communication: In past times, we used letters for communicating with people. Sometimes the letter reached very late. But with the invention of mobile phones, we can also use them for communication purposes. We can easily communicate with our friends, relatives, etc. by making calls, video calls, etc.

For calculations: We can easily make our calculations by using a mobile phone instead of using a calculator. A big to big problem of mathematics calculation can be easily solved by using mobile phones which makes the life of students and elders very easier.

For solving problems: With the use of mobile phones we can solve many problems related to studies like mathematical problems, science problems, geological problems, etc. in just a few seconds. We can solve many other problems related to any field by using the mobile phone.

For Entertainment: We can also use our mobile phones for entertainment purposes like children use mobile mostly for playing games, watching videos, movies, etc. so that they feel relaxed and happy.

Advantages of Mobile Phones:

An Essay on Mobile Phones

There are countless advantages of mobile phones some of the major advantages are given as:

• Mobile phones help in Solving difficult to difficult problems related to the education field. Like mathematical, geological, problems, etc.
• Mobile phones also help in connecting with people’s friends who are far from us.
• Mobile phones can also be used as a source of entertainment because we can see movies, videos only by sitting at home with the help of mobile phones.
• Mobile phones make it possible for a student to get an education from teachers of Australia by sitting at their home in India.
• If we use the mobile phone in a proper way then it also helps us in to earn money by only sitting at our home.
• We can easily get knowledge about the whole world by using mobile phones.

Disadvantages of Mobile Phones:

An Essay on Mobile Phones

The major disadvantages are:
• Continuously using mobile phones directly affects the eyesight of children, elders, etc.
• Some people don’t aware of how to use mobile phones.
• Continuously using mobile phones by the children in playing games, watching videos, etc. directly affects their studies.
• Many people can’t give proper timing to their families. Because they spent their all-time in using the mobile phones etc.
• People forget the real world, mostly children play games on mobiles, they not go to outsides and play the outdoor games which makes them disease free.
• Mobile phones also lead to loss of peace of mind.


An Essay on Mobile Phones

At last it is concluded that we use mobile in our daily life for many different purposes. Like watching videos or capturing pictures and many others. There are many advantages of using mobile phones like it solves all our problems in just a few seconds, but with this, there are many disadvantages like it directly affects our eyesight’s. So we must use mobile in a limited manner or only whenever needed.

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