An Essay on Morning Walk


In this modern or technological world, every person is busy with one or another work. Like some persons are busy in their office work, some children are busy in their studies only, Some housewives are busy in their daily works, etc. No one takes care of their body or there are very few persons who are aware of their body and take timely steps to live a disease-free life. And there are many other persons are also who don’t take steps for good health until they have to suffer from specific diseases.

Morning walk is a very good way to live a happy and healthy life. There are millions of diseases that are far away from us by doing regular morning walks. There are uncountable benefits of doing morning walks like that person who does morning walk feels fresh and active all day. So, everyone must do the morning walk. Doing regular morning walks, exercise, yoga, etc. is the best and free of cost medicine which is given to us by the nature.

Importance of Morning Walk

Morning walk is a very important and precious part of our life. It helps human beings in a number of
ways, like some of its importance, are as follows:

• One of the major importance of morning walk is that it helps the person to live a disease-free life. Because in this technological world everything is done with using the techniques and as a result of this we have to move less to less body which results in the invitation of millions of diseases. So, a morning walk helps a person to live a disease-free life and healthy life.
• Those people who do morning walk on the regular basis then feel fresh all day. They
free from the millions of tension that occurs because of the daily chores of routine. In other
words, it helps a person to live a tension-free life.
• By doing regular morning walk in the open garden, fresh air, in the grass, etc. Helps the person in
removing the stress from the mind and also helps the person to peace in mind. Morning walk also
helps the person in getting positive vibes in the early morning and they spend all day with
positivity, good thoughts, good ideas, etc.
• By doing morning walks, in open gardens and in open-air increases the level of oxygen in our
the body which removes many diseases like difficulty in breathing etc.
• Morning walk during the winter season helps to warm our body so as a result, we feel warm in
all the day and can easily perform our regular works.

Precautions of Morning Walk

There are many precautions that we must follow while doing the morning walk. Some of
the major precautions while doing a morning walk are:
• The timing of the morning walk must be between 4 a.m. to 6 a.m.
• We must wear comfortable clothes while doing the morning walk. Very high and very loose
clothes create many difficulties, disturbances, uncomfortableness in doing morning walks.
• Morning walk must do in the open and greenery garden or there must be an open-air flowing in
that area which helps to increase the oxygen level of our body.
• Try to avoid the use of masks and face-covering material while doing the morning walk
because it creates difficulty in taking breathe.

Side Effects of Morning Walk

Like a coin has two sides, similarly, morning walk has also had two sides, one of which is a positive side
and second is negative side or side effects. Some of the major side effects of the morning walk are:
Peoples mostly have to suffer from various pain starting like joint pain, back pain, knees pain,
tired body all day, and there are many other diseases which human beings have to suffer.


At last, it is concluded that morning walk is a very important part of our life which everyone must
do in our life. There are many merits of doing morning walk like many diseases are far away from us,
we feel fresh all the day, it increases the oxygen level in our body. With this, there are many
demerits of morning walks also like people have to suffer from many pain like back pain, leg pain,
body pain, etc.