An Essay on Mother For Class 1-12

An Essay on Mother


As everyone knows that, the mother is a very important person in everyone’s life. Mother is like a diamond. Mother is that precious gift that is given to all of us by god. Only mother is that person who gives birth to us and makes us able to see this beautiful world. All this world is only because of mother. Mother is full of loveliness and kindness. We all must love, care, respect our mother as same as she loves their child. Mother plays different roles in our whole life. Mother is ready to do all the things which are good for their children.

An Essay on Mother
An Essay on Mother

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My Mother

An Essay on Mother

My mother’s name is Mrs. Sunita. She is a housewife. There is no wording for who defines the mother. My mother is that important diamond that I never want to lose. I can’t imagine my life without my mother. She is only that person other than my father, who forgets all her big to a big pain in front of my little pain. When all are against me, she is the only person who is always there to support me and teach me the lessons on how to face tough or even extreme difficult situations in life. Whenever I lose my confidence, my mother builds up my confidence again. My mother is full of kindness and love. Sometimes, my mother plays the role of my friend with whom I can share each and everything without any hesitation.

Role of Mother

An Essay on Mother

There are many roles which mother plays in our life. But some of the major roles of a mother are:

Guider: Every mother gives proper guidance to their children. Mother teaches us what is good for us or what is not? Mother guides us about how to take decisions in complex situations. So, the mother plays a very important role as a guider.

Best friend: Mother also plays the role of a best friend. She treats us as a friend with whom we can share each and everything of our life, and instead of getting angry, she helps us to up come from the problems. Mothers also share their own experiences, journey, problems, etc. with their children from which we should learn many things.

Teacher: Mother is the first teacher in our life. Our mother teaches us how to speak, how to walk, how to live, how to good behave, how to treat our seniors and how to treat our juniors, and many other things which our mother teaches us in our life. Our mother corrects our mistake immediately.

Helper: Mother is a very big helper who helps every person in our family. Our mother helps us in various ways like she cooks the food for our whole family, she washes our clothes, she cleans our house, She gives us food on the proper timing, And there are many other helps which our mother do.

Doctor: Whenever any member of the family became ill, then the mother plays the role of a doctor. And she forgets all her pains in front of the pain of her family members. She does all the possible things which she can do to relieve her children and family members. She was awake all night only just to care for her family members.

Importance of Mother

As everyone knows, the mother is a very important person in our life which we never want to lose. She is just like a diamond. A life without a mother is just the same as a body without an eye, heart, etc. In other words, we can say that a life without a mother is very difficult. There is no one who can take the place of a mother. The words to define the importance of mother is very little in front of their love, care, kindness, role, etc.


An Essay on Mother

At last, it is concluded that Mother is a precious gift that is given to us by god. Mother is full of love, kindness, care, etc. We all should care for and love our mother in the same way she does for us. There are many relations in this world but no one can take the place of mother in anyone’s life. Mother has many different roles in our life. Like the mother plays the role of guider, teacher, doctor best friend, and many others. Sometimes the mother is awake all night just to care for her family members and children. So there is no word limit to who defines the mother. In short, it can be said that without a mother it is difficult to live on the earth.

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