An Essay on My Aim in Life

An Essay on My Aim in Life essay my aim in life essay for my aim in life essay of my aim in life essay about my aim in life


Every person must have an aim in their life. Aim plays a very important role in their life. Without aim, a person is like a useless thing because they even don’t know what to do in their life, where to go, how to do it, etc. But now, 80 percent of children decide and set their aim in junior classes. For this, the teacher also encourages and helps the student to set up their goal and aim in their life. In other words, it can also be said that aim is the target or goal in which everyone performs their activities to achieve this target or goal in life.

An Essay on My Aim in Life
An Essay on My Aim in Life

So everyone must decide in their junior class what they want to become in their lives and perform their activities and do all efforts to achieve that target or objective which they set. The aim must be reliable, achievable, clear, and specific. For example, if any student has aimed to become a doctor in life then, he had to predetermine this aim at school level and as a result of it he does all his efforts and practices by taking medical subjects, etc. And on the other side, if any student wants to become a teacher on one day and the aim change to the doctor on the second day, an engineer on 3rd day, etc.

So he had no specific aim and as a result of this he chooses the wrong subjects in confusion and after school and college, he realized that their interest is in any other career and they feel guilty in all their life. So every person must predetermine their aim in their school level. Without aim, a person is like a useless thing who don’t know where to go, what activities should be performed, in which his or her whole life becomes useless.

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My Aim in Life

From start, I want to become a doctor in my life. I decided on this aim in my 6th class because many people lost their lives due to illness, improper treatment, improper facilities, carelessness of doctors, etc. And this all thing encourage me to become a doctor and help a person to live a long life and do all possible things which I can do. From my childish age, I’m very excited to know about various body parts of our body and now even today I’m willing to know what are the different parts of our body, how are they working, how different diseases affect different parts of her body, how is blood circulating in our body, the role of different parts, etc. all these things makes me excited to become a doctor.

When I was a kid I mostly play a doctor came in which always I became a doctor and all my friends and family members become patients and I’ll give them medicines and treats in a very good manner so that they feel well. My father is an army man and he works all day and night only for the safety of our nation and he teaches me only one lesson that does all possible things which you can do for the safety of our society as well as for our nation. This sentence encourages me and helps me to become a doctor.

Why I Choose This Aim?

Every student, the person chose their aim according to their own interest and their own reasons. I also have a reason because of which I choose to become a doctor in my life and these are: One of the major reasons because of it I decided to become a doctor is that I see by my own eyes that now every doctor worked for earning money not for saving patients, treat them in a good manner.

The main motive of every doctor is now earning only and only maximum profit and because of this Many poor people who don’t have money for good treatment have to face many difficulties because they even don’t have the money to pay doctors and as a result of this they have to lose their life and my father treats me one lesson in my life that do all possible things which help our society as well as a nation because social help is our primary duty.

What Will I do After Achieving My Aim?

After becoming a doctor I start my social services and I also organize medicine seminars in which I encourage other doctors to join me and help in providing social services. I with my team go to slum areas and meet with poor people and give them free treatment end provide free medicines and suggestions which they have to follow in their life. I want to start a patient satisfaction-oriented hospital in which firstly services are provided to patients, treats them in a good manner, do every possible help, not to only earn profits.


At last, it is concluded that every person must have a specific aim in their life by which they perform all their activities and do all efforts in achieving that objective. The aim must be clear, predetermined, specific, and achievable. Before deciding aim a student must see all things like his interest, his choice his preference, etc.

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