An Essay on My Hobby

An Essay on My Hobby write an essay on my hobby essay on my hobby english essay on my hobby essay on my hobby in english


Every person is busy doing their regular activities. Regular activities are different for different person’s like some persons are busy in doing office work, students are busy in their studies, housewives are busy in cooking, washing clothes, Working women are also busy in doing their office work and manage their housing matters, teachers are busy in teaching, so different person is busy in different activities according to their profession.

An Essay on My Hobby
An Essay on My Hobby

Hobby refers to all those activities which person do for relaxing their mind or for entertainment etc. Hobbies are different for different persons like some people prefer to listening songs in their free time to relax their mind, some people likes to play games for entertainment, some housewives prefer to watch television serials in their free time to relax their mind or for entertainment, etc. So we can say that it lies from person to person. In other words, it can also be said that hobbies are some additional activities which person do with their daily routine activities of daily chores of life. The hobby includes one activity or more than one activity.

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Hobby as Necessary Part of Life

Hobbies are a necessary part of everyone’s life. Everyone must develop some hobbies so that they can become perfect in that activity for their development. For example, if any person is interested in cooking food so that by cooking continuously they become
perfect in cooking and with this they can cook as professionals and earn money and if some persons are interested in dancing so that continued practice of dancing in free time helps the person to become perfect in dancing and they can take part in competitions and become popular and also earn money.

So it is clear from the above example, that every person must have some hobbies so that it helps them in their overall development and hobbies can also become a part of our earning money. In other words, we can say that hobbies help a person in an economic manner as well as a non-economical manner.

Types of Hobby

As we discussed above that hobby lies from person to person. Every person has a different hobby according to their interest, choice, and taste some hobbies are Dancing, cooking, gardening, watching animals, plants, birds and photography spend time with family, and many others.

My Favorite Hobby

My favorite hobby includes many things but I love dancing and gardening most. I love gardening because of many reasons. My interest is mostly in growing more and more plants and watering them. Because in this world every fruits and vegetable are coming with full of chemicals, and after eating them everyone has to suffer from many diseases. So I want to grow my own organic fruits
and vegetables.

There are many benefits from my hobby such as growing more and more plants and trees help to safe our environment and level of pollution also decrease. Oxygen level also increases. Another and major benefit is that my family and my nearby people eat organic fruits and vegetables which helps to live disease free life and healthy life etc. Because of my organic farming and gardening many people, Neighbors relatives, and my family also sports me and encouraged me in doing that activity. They also help me in growing fruit and vegetables. So that we can protect our environment and save the lives of people by doing organic gardening and farming.

Dancing is my other hobby and I love doing the dance. I learn my dancing steps from various online
platforms like you tubes etc. and the same steps, I practice at home. Some steps are choreographed by me and as a result of these, I got many certificates, many medals, trophies by taking participating in competitions which helps me to encourage in dancing.


At last, it is concluded that every person in this world is busy in doing their regular daily activities which are different for different persons. And hobbies are that activities which person do in their free time to feel fresh and for their entertainment. Hobby mainly includes dancing, gardening, photography, watching animals, plants, trees, birds, etc. It is necessary that every person have to develop some hobbies which help in their overall development in many ways. Hobby helps a person in both economical manners and in an economical manner. Hobbies lie from person to person according to their interest, preferences, taste, etc.

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