An Essay on Noise Pollution


Pollution means when there is any change in the environment which results in a destruction in the living of human beings, as well as wildlife, is known as pollution. Noise pollution is also in part of pollution. Noise pollution means when the level of noise in our surroundings rises then the normal level then it is called noise pollution. It is very harmful to both human beings and our wildlife. The problem of noise pollution is continuously rising in our surroundings. Noise pollution can because by many reasons like listening to music in very high volume, high base music in D.J. like in functions, parties, marriages, etc., and there are many other reasons for noise pollution.

It is a very hazardous condition that is continuously rising. Noise pollution also results in an imbalance in the environment As we all are familiar with the situations like if any person gets bored, then they play music in a very loud sound, if a person wants to dance then they play music in loudspeakers, buffers, etc. and dance, if a person wants to entertainment they can easily turn on the televisions and watch continuously, if anyone feels hot then they can easily turn on the coolers and many other fans which cause a very high noise, etc.

We all see and face this situation in our normal routine and these little things together cause noise pollution in which everyone has to suffer. This results in the disturbance in the normal life of people like old age persons, children as well as wildlife also. So we must take a proper step to control the noise pollution because its also result in loss of peace.

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Impact of Noise Pollution:

Noise pollution directly or indirectly impacts the lives of human beings as well as wildlife. Some of the major impacts of noise pollution are:
• The old age person has to suffer a lot from the problem of noise pollution. Because they wants to rest and peace in mind as well as peace surrounding them. The noise pollution cause destruction in the sleep of old age people, it also impacts in their rest time, etc. It results in illness, suffering from ear diseases, etc. So, noise pollution majorly impacts the old age person.
• Noise pollution also impacts the lives of students. Because when they learn their subjects, read their chapters they mostly need the pin-drop silence in their surrounding, and any destruction in surrounding directly affects their studies. Noise pollution causes many destructions, difficulties, disturbance in their study which results in bad results also.
• Wildlife is also impacted by noise pollution because many animals and birds feel very dangerous by the sound of burning crackers, loud sound of music, etc. It negatively impacts their life and many animals and birds lost their life to noise pollution.
• Many human beings have to suffer from many diseases because of noise pollution. Some major diseases are high blood pressure, decreasing in the listening capacity of human beings, heart diseases, loss of peace of mind, not proper sleeping results in irritation, stress, etc.

Causes of Noise Pollution

As we all know that in this modern world, every work is done by using techniques. There are many techniques are launched in our world which makes the work of a human being very easier than before. Like in past time we mostly use the hand fan for cooling but now with the invention of technology coolers etc. are formed which cause many sounds.

Continuously increasing industrialization is also a major cause of noise pollution. Many means of transport like tractors, bikes, bullet bikes, airplanes, etc. cause noise in our surroundings. Playing very loud music with a very high base in marriages, functions, parties, etc. Also one of the major causes of noise pollution. Watching television at high volume, listening to songs at high volume are the causes of noise pollution.


At last, it is concluded that noise pollution means when the level of noise is increased then the normal level which results in the disturbance in the environment is known as noise pollution. Noise pollution can because by many reasons like watching television at high volume, listening to loud music, the noise of industries, factories, etc. And there are many other reasons for noise pollution.

Noise pollution impacts the lives of students by a disturbance in their studies and many human beings have to suffer from many diseases due to noise pollution like heart diseases, high blood pressure, etc. So we must take care while listening to music, watching TV is that volume must below so that no other person can disturb and we also take some other major steps to control the noise pollution.