An Essay on Online Classes

An Essay on Online Classes

Education is the most important part of our life. There are two modes of education, the first is online mode and the second is offline mode. In offline mode teachers and students contact face to face. In offline mode, there is no use of cell phones, Internet connection, etc. Student can ask their query directly in contact with teachers. But it is not possible for everyone to take offline classes so the concept of online classes is introduced. Because there are many students who take classes while they are at work, and they are not in a position to contract with teachers. Some take classes from one to another. And it is all possible only in online classes.

An Essay on Online Classes
An Essay on Online Classes

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Meaning of Online Education

An Essay on Online Classes

Online education means when we take our education with the help of Internet connection, mobile phones, laptops, etc. In online classes, there is no face-to-face contact between students and teachers, Their contact is made from mobile phones, etc. The student of India can easily take the classes from the teacher of Australia by the online classes mode. For example, I am a student of Haryana and I want to take the classes from the teachers of Delhi. So, it is possible in online classes that I am on sitting at my home can take directly classes with the help of mobile phone, internet, laptops, etc. from the teachers of Delhi. The payment is also done in the online mode. During the pandemic of coronavirus, the concept of online classes and online education is spread. Every school, the college provides online classes to its students.

Advantages of Online Classes

An Essay on Online Classes

There are many advantages of online classes but some of the major advantages are as:

Saving time: One of the main advantages of online classes is that it saves the time of traveling for both teachers and students. The time which is totally wasted in traveling from home to school and school to home etc. is saved in the online classes. Because the students can take and teachers can give the classes by sitting at their home.

Flexibility: Online classes are very flexible. For some reason, if we can’t take live sessions of online classes then whenever we have some time, then we can attend the same class in the recorded section. Online classes provide flexibility in many other ways also.

Convenient: Online classes are more convenient as compared to offline classes. In online classes, the students of India can easily take the classes from the teacher of the USA only by sitting at their home. So in other words, it can be said that online classes provide education right to their home.

More individual focus: More individual focus is also another advantage of online classes. In online classes teachers can directly interact with students and students can directly contact and ask queries with teachers.

Lower cost: Online classes saves the cost of parents in many ways like there is no need in online classes to buy uniforms, to pay traveling expenses, and many others.

Disadvantages of Online Classes

An Essay on Online Classes

Some of the major disadvantages of online classes are:

Effect on eyes: One of the major disadvantages of online classes is the effect on the eyes. Online classes are provided with the help of laptops, cell phone, etc. So continuously watching on the mobile phones directly affects the eyesight of both the teachers and students.

Not availability of phones: Online classes are provided on smartphones but there are many parents who do have not smartphones for use and many families have only one smartphone. So sometimes students have to face difficulties.

Poor internet connection: There are many areas in which Internet connections are not working properly, so the students and teachers of that area in which Internet connection are poor have to face difficulty in taking the online classes.

Use of other applications: There are a number of students who use many other applications, watching videos, playing games, etc. while online classes are running. So in other words, it can be said that some students cannot take online classes seriously. Difficult to prevent cheating: While in offline classes teachers directly monitor the students in exams, tests, etc. But it is difficult for teachers to prevent the students from cheating in online classes.


An Essay on Online Classes

At last, it is concluded that like a coin has two sides similarly everything have two sides one is advantages and second is disadvantages. Online classes also have many merits and demerits as we discussed above. So if we have proper facilities of mobile phone, laptop, Internet connection, etc. then online classes are a very good option in today’s era to take education.

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