An Essay on Rainy Season


We enjoy a number of the different seasons in a whole year like the summer season, winter season, rainy season, autumn season, etc. All these seasons are very enjoyable and beautiful for one or another reason. The rainy season is also one of the very beautiful and most important seasons for all for which most person waits. The rainy season is the favorite season of many people.

The reason for loving the rainy season is different for the different people. Rainy season comes with taking
peace, happiness, joys, etc. with itself. All youngers and elders become a child in the rainy season and they
really enjoy it a lot when the rain comes. Greenery in all our surroundings by the plants, trees, grass, etc. is on
the top level in the rainy season which every single human being loves.

Importance of Rainy Season

The rainy season is an important season for almost every person as well as for our earth. As we discussed above the reason for loving the rainy season lies from person to person. Some of its importance are:
• In the rainy season mostly every person relaxed from the stress, tensions, etc. And by forgetting pain every person enjoys this season by their heart. So, it comes with happiness and joy.
• Rainy season builds a feeling of peace in the mind and soul of the person which results in their good behavior, good manners, good vibes, positivity, etc.
• Many people enjoy the rainy season by cooking a number of dishes like pakoras, halwa, etc., and eat and enjoy these dishes together with their family members.
• The air quality becomes improve in the rainy season. All the dust particles, smoke particles get down to the earth which results in the improvement in the quality of air and every person gets fresh air to breathe.
• There are many writers, poets, who mostly write their articles, poems, essay during the rainy season because this season gives a peaceful feeling, creates many thoughts and ideas to them which initiates creativity.
• There are many crops which grow with the help of the rain. So in others words, the rainy season helps the farmers in getting good crops. As a result, it boosts the agriculture system in our country.
• When the level of water is getting then the normal level in the underground. Then rainwater plays a significant role at that time and helps to increase the level of water.

Disadvantages of Rainy Season

With millions of merits of the rainy season but with this there are many disadvantages of the rainy season also. Like some of the major disadvantages of the rainy season are:
• Because of continuously heavy rainfall, there is a number of natural calamities which we have to suffer. In many areas heavy rainfall results in floods etc. As a result, many houses are destroyed, many people lost their lives, many crops are destroyed by the farmer which results in heavy loss.
• There is a number of infectious diseases that are spread due to the collecting of water by the rainfall in the nearby places. Diseases like malaria, typhoid, etc. are mostly spread because of the rainfall.
• Landslides, soil erosion, etc. occur due to heavy rainfall sometimes, apart from if land near the water floats into the river due to the heavy rainfall.
• Many roads are damaged during the rainy season as a result of which many peoples, transporters, have to face difficulty in traveling from one place to another. A number of accidents also take place during heavy rainfall.
• There are a number of people who migrate from one place to another who lives near the rivers during the rainy season because of fear of the flood, heavy rainfall, etc. So they have to face many problems in the rainy season.


At last, it is concluded that the rainy season is also a very important season for which every person waiting. Rainy season comes with taking joy, enjoyment with itself. Every child, younger age people, and older age people enjoy a lot during the rainy season and rainy season is also very important for our environment because all dust, smokes are getting down to earth and air become fresh but with all these, there are many disadvantages of the rainy season like many people migrate from one place to another due to the fear of flood, many crops are destroyed due to heavy rainfall, a number of infectious diseases are spread in the rainy season, etc.