An Essay on Social Evils

An Essay on Social Evils

Social evils in simple words can be said that it is the unwanted directly or indirectly changes in our society that affects the moral values of people. There are many social evils that are prevailing in our society. In other words, it can be said that social evil is an unwanted change in our society that continuously leads to harm our society. The problem of social evils in the 20th century is decreased as compared to last the past decades. But it doesn’t mean that it totally ends. Today in the modern world There are many backward areas in society where still the problem of social evils is continued. In past decades there are many social evils which are practiced in our society like the Dowry system, child marriage, child labor, and many others.

An Essay on Social Evils
An Essay on Social Evils

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Major social Evils

An Essay on Social Evils

There are many social evils that are prevailing in our society but the sum of major social evils are

Dowry System

The Dowry system is one of the major social evils which is practiced in our society. The Dowry system is continued for many past years and in this marriage the bridal family gift to the groom’s family. The girl of a poor family has to take a loan to pay the dowry on the marriage of their girl. There are many families who after the marriage of a girl demand many more things as their gift like a bike, car, etc. As a result, there are many girls who take the step of suicide. As aware of it government take many steps to control the dowry system. The family who demand Dowry after marriage or before marriage then As per law they have given the punishment of imprisonment and penalty, etc. And aware of these laws there are many families who still promote the Dowry system.

Child Labor

Another and major social evil is child labor. A lot of people prefer to take work from children in their minor age, instead of sending their children to schools. The government put a ban on ‘child labor’. And also charge penalty from industries who give work to minor children. The government provides free education to those children.

Caste system

Caste System is another social evil that is prevailing in our society. There are many parts of our country in which people are discriminated against by their caste. People of lower castes have to face very difficulties at the time of admission to school, colleges, at the time of getting a job, etc. But now government gives special privileges to the lower caste people.

Gender Inequality

Gender inequality is one of the major social evils which is continued for very past decades. Before Women are not allowed to go outside, they are asked to take ‘Dupatta’ on their heads, girls were not allowed for school, Women live in ‘Char Diwari’ of their house, etc. But now, the scenario is totally changing. Every girl is taking higher educations, Every woman, girl are allowed for jobs, etc. In other words, it can be said that In the modern era girls and boys are equal to each other. Religion basis: In our country, there are many people who belong to different religions. Some belong to the Sikh religion, some belong to the Hindu religion, Muslim religion, etc. So, Religion basis is one of the other major reasons for social evils. There are many other bases of social evils which are untouchability, communalism, Overpopulation, etc. And all these social evils directly or indirectly affect the mentality of people. These evils are continued almost in every part of our country.


An Essay on Social Evils

At last, it is concluded that social evil is the unwanted change in our society that directly or indirectly affects the mentality moral values social values of the people. There are many social evils that are prevailing. There is no society that is totally free from social evils, almost in every society social evil is practiced for some reason or another. Social evils mainly include the dowry system, child labor, gender inequality, religious basis, caste system, untouchability, overpopulation, and many others. Government makes many laws and rules for controlling all these social evils. And with effect from it, these social evil are reduced to much extent.

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