An Essay on Village


In past decades many of the population were lived in the villages. Villages refer to that area that is smaller than the urban area with a population of 1000 people or more according to the size of the population. Villages are very beautiful places to live but now in modern era many peoples, modern generations hesitate to live in the villages, as a result, many of houses people migrated from the rural areas to the modern areas.

About My Village

We learn many things from the rural or village culture. My village name is Saharanpur and it is a very beautiful village to see although the facilities provided here are very little in comparison to the towns, cities, urban area I still love my village very much. It is heaven for me because I spend whole my childhood here and learned millions of things.

There are around 1000 people living in my village and many of people migrate to urban area because of many reasons like many parents go to urban area because of their children study and for their career, many families transfer because of improper facilities, many of parents migrate because their Childs are not more ready to stay in the village. But the remaining families spend their life with full of love and affection. There is proper coordination between all the families.

It is my personal experience that if only one family is in a problem then all the remaining families are ready to help that family and it doesn’t matter what the time is. This is one of the major reasons why I love my village. The people of my village have full faith and trust in god. Even every member of every family goes daily to the temple, gurudwaras, both in the morning and evening. Most people are engaged here in the occupation of farming. They grow fruits, vegetables, for every season. These people are also called the ‘Ann Data’ of the country because the survival of every person is only possible because of them. Children mostly play many outdoor games which helps them to keep healthy and fit.

Advantages of Village

• There is proper coordination in the families of the village.
• Every person treats others full of love and affection.
• They celebrate all the festivals together with full joy.
• There is proper cooperation between all the families of the village.
• They spend their whole life following their traditions, culture, customs, etc.
• By living in the village, we can learn about the farming and techniques of farming.
• There are open farms in the village, many plants, trees, etc. This results in very less pollution in the village and here peoples get fresh oxygen for breath.
• Village is also known as the backbone of our country because a major part of income in our country comes from the agriculture activities which are done in villages.
• There is very less traffic in the village areas which results in a peaceful environment for survival.

Disadvantages of Village

• The facilities provided in village areas are very less in comparison to the urban areas, like facilities mostly of transportation, communication, education are very less. So, people living in the village have to suffer many difficulties.
• People living in the village are very simple and innocent. They don’t know about the new modern culture. They prefer to lives in the specific boundary of their village.
• The opportunities available in the rural areas are very few in comparison to the urban areas. They rarely know about the modern schemes, facilities provided by the government, new methods of doing work etc.
• Resources available in rural areas are also less as compared to the urban areas.


At least it is concluded that village is the most beautiful place for living. People living in the village respect each other. There is proper cooperation and coordination between the families of the village. There are around 1000 people living in the villages but now many fewer people prefer to live in village areas, as a result, many families migrate to urban areas because of many reasons like improper the facility of transportation, communication, lack of opportunities, etc. But now in this modern world villages are also developing and there are many facilities provided to villagers also.