An essay on Water Pollution For Class 1-12

An essay on Water Pollution

Water is an important element on earth without which survival is not possible for human beings, animals and plants as well. Around 71% of the earth’s surface is covered by water. Life without water is impossible. But now the water of rivers, lakes, etc. are affected by very polluted elements like garbage, industrial wastage, and many others which directly affect the human body.

An essay on Water Pollution
An essay on Water Pollution

Water pollution:

An essay on Water Pollution

Water pollution means when water Bodies are mixed with some industrial wastage, garbage, domestic wastage, insecticides, etc., and make water polluted. Water is used by human beings, animals for drinking and that polluted water directly affects human beings in various ways like they have to suffer from many diseases like typhoid, malaria, etc.

Causes of water pollution:

An essay on Water Pollution

There are many causes of water pollution. But some of the major causes of water pollution are defined as Industrial wastage: Water pollution is majorly caused by industrial wastage. There are many industries whose production results in releasing of wastage. And instead of their proper composting the industrial sites dump their wastage in nearby freshwater bodies and make water polluted.

Agriculture: In order to get good crops farmers use many types of fertilizers, pesticides, etc. And when the rain comes, then these chemicals flow in the rivers, oceans lakes, etc., and make water polluted.

Washing clothes: In some areas, women mostly use nearby lakes, rivers to wash their clothes. Then the chemicals of detergent surf, etc. mixed with fresh water and make water polluted.

Domestic wastage: Because of the improper facility of the removal of wastewater sometimes domestic wastage directly flows into the freshwater of lakes, rivers, etc., and makes water polluted.

Animal bath: In villages, people prefer to take their animals to the nearby ponds, etc. for a bath, then their dust particles mix with fresh water and make water polluted.

Effects of water pollution:

The main effects of water pollution are as:

After drinking the polluted water, human beings have to suffer from many types of diseases like Typhoid, Malaria, cholera, and various other diseases. Animals also use water for drinking which affects their lives in various ways. Water pollution also affects the food chain. If the water pollution increase in the same way then it also causes an entire ecosystem collapse. Water pollution also results in ozone layer
depletion. Water quality is also affected because of water pollution. Water pollution results in the Continuously reduction of fish.

Precautions for water pollution:

Precaution of water pollution is very necessary. If we can’t take a step to control water pollution then it may result in the loss of lives of people. The government must have taken steps for restrictions on the direct disposal of wastage in the river, lakes, etc. Try to avoid the use of plastic bags etc. The government has to check the level of water pollution on a timely basis. People must Reduce, Reuse and Recycle the items. Try to avoid the chemicals. pesticides etc. in the agricultural practices. Don’t throw the oil and waste materials in the drains. Government must start programs to educate the villagers about water pollution and their precautions.


At last, It is concluded that water is that necessity of our life without which survival on earth is impossible. But now this necessity is in danger. The level of water pollution is Continuously rising, And it is only because of human beings. Industries dump their waste materials in nearby rivers, lakes, ponds, etc. which directly affect the level of water and get water polluted. And there are many other causes of water pollution. So the prevention of water pollution is very necessary. Government should take steps for the control of water pollution like the government having to check the level of purity of water from time to time, Restrictions on the direct disposal of wastage into the nearby river, etc.

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