Essay on Child Labor

Essay on Child Labor


Many parents want that their children’s go for higher studies and get a good job. Every child also wants that they go for good education and become a well-educated citizen of a country like others. They also want to play games and do many other things like other children do. Every child also wants that they get high-paying jobs which also increases their standard of living. But as we see in our real life and in movies, televisions, etc. that many people in their childish age go for doing work instead of going to school and do study. Those people who start work at less than the age of 18 or in their minor age are known as child laborers. Parents of that children also support them to do work at a little age.

Essay on Child Labor
Essay on Child Labor

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Reason of Child Labor

Essay on Child Labor

There are many different reasons for child labor some of which are as:

Uneducated people: There are many people who are uneducated and they even don’t know how to read and write. They start doing work after some years of their birth and spend their whole life doing work instead of going to school. As a result, they also sent their children for doing work at their minor age instead of sending them to school to get an education.

Lack of money: As we all see in our daily life that many people are sleeping on the road, in temples, etc. They have no home to live in. They do have not much more money than they can send their children to school for getting an education. They earn very little money which is used in purchasing the best necessities of life like food, water, clothes, etc. So they have no money to purchase dresses, pay fees, purchase shoes. and for many other formalities.

The burden to pay ancestral loans: There are many people who were born and died within the burden to pay the ancestral loans. This is also one of the major reasons for child labor. As a result of their ancestral loans, many parents start taking work from their children at a minor age by sending them to industries, factories, and nearby working areas. So that they can also earn money.

Increasing in industrialization: Industrial sector is promoting day by day in our country so as a result of this many industrial owners, workers start giving work to minor children by giving them fewer wages and children also get angry about doing work. Another reason by which industrialization promotes child labor is that industrial owners give fewer wages to the children as compared to the senior workers by giving the same work.

Impact on Children

Child labor imposes a negative impact on the children’s lives in many ways some of which are:

Mental impact: Child labor mentally impacts the children because it directly affects their mental ability of thinking, do work, treat others, etc. It becomes the mental ability of the children that they start working in every environment whether it is hot cold or rainy day. Children also became conscious to earn more and more money and as a result of this, they start doing more work.

Physical impact: As a result of child labor there are many children who become used to doing work and because of this they have to suffer from many diseases. Like some children doing work in making bangles, firewood, etc. which directly affects their temperature and eyesight. And they don’t take this disease is in serious concern. So we can say that child labor directly impacts the mentality and physical of the children.

Essay on Child Labor

Steps to Control Child Labor

It is very necessary to control child labor. There are many ways by which we can control child labor like some are given as:
The government has to take serious steps regarding this matter. Government must put a ban on child labor and the person who promotes child labor should be given the punishment of payment of fine and prisonment of at least one year, which results in no use of child labor. The government also starts awareness programs to educate the children and help poor children in getting study, like providing free education, free dresses, shoes, and other necessary things. The government also appoints some official authorities who regularly check the company’s, industries, factories regarding child labor, etc. These are the major steps that can be taken by the government to control child labor.

Essay on Child Labor


At last, it is concluded that child labor is a serious matter of concern that directly affects the mentality and physical of the children. There are many reasons for child labor like poverty, uneducated persons, etc. Government must take serious steps regarding the control of child labor so that every child can live their life freely, like government must put a ban on child labor and punish those persons who
promotes child labor etc.

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