Essay on My Father

Essay on My Father


Many of us regularly talk about mother and her sacrifices, Work, etc. But very rare people are talking about father. Father is a very important person in everyone’s life and every child loves their father very much. In my life, my father is like a precious diamond that I can never want to lose and I can’t imagine my life without my father because I truly love my father.

Essay on My Father
Essay on My Father

He is one who holds my hand in every stage of my life. Whatever I am doing in present and whatever I want to do in the future, it is all because of my father and his support. He always holds my hand in every situation and helps me in building confidence and he also tries to give his best in my life, it doesn’t matter whatever the situation is. He’s my right hand without which I can’t do anything. So in short my father is very essential in my life.

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About My Father

My father’s name is Mr. Shivam and he is 50years old. He is a Social service provider. And I also want to become a social service provider in my life. The story of my father is very encouraging and inspiring. He is from a very poor village where he spent his life. He saw his neighbor’s, childhood friends, their living style, etc. No, any government, any person cares about those people.

They have to live in a very bad condition, no more facilities are provided to them. Lack of education, lack of doctors, lack of knowledge, there are many other things which they have suffered in their life. So, from this, he decided to become a social service provider and want to start giving facilities in slum areas and in poor villages where no one cares about them. After struggling from all these, at last he became successful in his life and each and every person has pride in him. He starts various societies in different areas to help poor people And anyone can become a member of the society who wants to help people. He doesn’t like publicity.

His Role in My Life

My father plays a very important role in my life and I can’t imagine my life without my father because what I am today is all because of my father. Every father loves their children so, as same my father also loves me. He guides me that how to take a correct action in a difficult situation and how we can face different to difficult situations in our lives by trusting on god and by our hard work. My father time to time encourages me, guides me, helps me which really means me a lot.

I can only share my all things with my father and he teaches me that when I am wrong or right and if I am wrong then he helps me to correct my mistakes so he is my superhero in my life. His encouragement, inspiration, motivation helps to build self-confidence in me so, I can face every situation by trusting in them and in God.

Importance of My Father in My Life

If anyone can ask me why my father is important to me and what is the importance of my father in my life, then I am not capable to answer this question because his importance can’t be defined in words. My father is a precious diamond that I never want to lose. He is my inspiration and he is my motivation. I learned a very lesson from my father in my personal life. I do all things after taking permission from my father and his blessings really mean me a lot. His love for me have no definition in wording. He is my first friend to whom I can share all my feelings, all my thoughts, and talking’s.

What I Learned From My Father

My Father is a personal lesson for me which I learn from him and from his life that how to manage all situations in our life. From my father, I learned that discipline and self-confidence is very important in our lives, and by doing hard work how we can succeed in our life. There are many other lessons which I learned from my father like helping poor people, giving priority to others, giving respect to your elders and junior both, living in discipline, trusting in God etc.


At last, it is concluded that father is a very important person in everyone life and both father and children love each other very much. My father is very important to me and I can’t imagine a life without my father because he is my precious diamond. I learned many lessons from my father and he plays a very role in my life as discussed above. So, everyone should care for and love their father because of what we are today and what we want to become in the future it’s all because of our father his sacrifices, his lessons, his encouragement, his inspiration, etc.

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