Essay on Winter Season

Essay on Winter Season


As we all know we enjoy many seasons and they are fluctuating. Every season have their own time period, their own festivals, merits, and demerits. Winter is also one of the seasons which everyone enjoys. Winter is the favorite season of almost all people. Everyone wears warm clothes in the winter season. Winter remains at least three to four months and January is the coldest month of the year. The Winter season has its own vegetables for which everyone is waiting the whole year to eat. There are many festivals which we celebrate in the winter season like some of the major festivals are Christmas, Lohri, Holi, and many others.

Essay on Winter Season
Essay on Winter Season

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The positive side of the Winter Season

Essay on Winter Season

Almost every person loves the winter season. There are many reasons for becoming the winter season a favorite season. Some of the major reasons are:
• In the winter season, every vegetable is available. So the people who are diet conscious can easily make the diet plan and easily follow it because every vegetable is available in the winter season. Every person can eat healthy and delicious food in winter.
• In the winter season all schools are closed for at least 10 to 12 days. So all children spend their time with their families and there are many families who plan for picnics, tours in this holidays to spend time together and make memories.
• Hard workers, laborers love the winter season because they can do their work very easily in winter which is very difficult to do in the summer season.
• The morning time of the winter season is awesome because people in villages, cities go for walk in the morning and take fresh air, do exercise, do yoga, etc. So that they feel warm body all day.
• In winter many families get together at night at one place and burn the fire etc. They share their memories, they do dance, talk, till late at night, and make winters memorable.
• Some people love the winter because of festivals that are come in winter. Festivals like Christmas, New year, Lohri, Holi, etc. all are comes in winter in which every person enjoys a lot.
• In winters nature becomes very cool. Many people go on trips to places like Shimla, Manali, etc.

The negative side of the winter season

Everything, every season, has two sides one is positive and another is negative. The Winter season also has a Negative side besides its positive side which are as:

  • In winters, everyone wears the warm clothes. But there are many peoples, beggars, who can’t afford to by the warm clothes. This is one of the biggest disadvantage of winter season because many people lost their lives in cold temperature.
  • Winters come with diseases. Many people suffer from various diseases like cold, cough, etc.
  • There are many people who have not house to live. They live on roads, in parks, temples, etc. So in winter these people have to face very difficulties and they get ill. They even don’t have a single blanket to wear in night.
  • Winter time is also difficult for many animals like street dogs, cows etc. because they have no shelter to live. They have to live and sleep in cold air. And no one cares about that problem.

Why I Love Winters

Essay on Winter Season

I love the winter season more than any other season. There are many reasons because of which I love winters, but some are:

  • One of my major reason to love winter season is that, I get some time to spend with my family and makes memories. Sometimes winter season come with snow falls and I loves snowfalls.
  • There are many other reasons like, I got my favorite vegetables in winter season.


At last, it is concluded that we enjoy a number of seasons in a year. The Winter season is one of them. It lasts for three to four months. January and February is the coldest month in a year. Sunrises late in the winter season. And nature becomes very cool. the winter season also has some positive impacts and some negative impacts on nature, people, animals, etc. Some of the major impacts are discussed above. More difficulties are faced by the homeless people, street dogs, cows, etc. So the people who can afford or who have money, then try to make shelters for animals, make little homes for street beggars, etc. so that they also live happily.

Essay on Winter Season

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