An Essay on Good Manners


We all learn many things from our childhood regarding good manners. Our parents first teach us about good manners because good manner is one which defines our character then after home we all learn a number of lessons in school regarding good manners. There are separate books in the school for good manners. Because the good manners and discipline shown by the students always enhance the goodwill of the school.

Good manners are an inseparable part of our life which everyone must follow in their lives. Good manners include a number of things like how to respect our elders, how to treat juniors, how to show kindness in every situation of our life etc. Every person likes those students and children whose life is full of discipline and good manners.

Things Included in Good Manners

There is a number of things which is included in a good manner like some of which are:

• Wake up early before the rising sun is one of the major things which is included in good manners
because it is well said that that person who wakes up early achieves all the targets in their life.
• Always respect for our elders and care for junior is also included in the good manners because
this thing tells us about our society, antiquates, manners, etc.
• Always respect your teachers and always take permission from your teacher whenever you
come into class and whenever you go outside the class. Always live in a discipline in the school.
• Always take care of your friends and be ready to help your friends in every situation.
• Always take permission from your parents before going out from home and do all activities in
the presence of your parents.
• Take bath regularly, clean teethes every day, wear neat and clean school dress at school, and
clean clothes at home also. These all things help to live a happy and healthy life.
• Always pray to god in both morning and evening before going to bed.

How to Learn Good Manners?

We can learn good manners in a number of ways like firstly our parent teaches to learn the good manners in daily bases like to say good morning and good night, respect our parents, how to treat with our friends, relatives, etc. These are the things that we learn from our family. If we can’t learn basic good manners in our life then we can’t become the favorite of any person and we can’t come in the favorite list of parents and teachers. After family, we learned good manners from our school teachers. They also play a very important role in our lives in learning good manners. They help to follow a discipline in our daily routine which helps in the overall development of a person. There are many good manners which we learn from our society, from our culture, from our friends, etc.

How Good Manners Help in Our Life?

Good manners help in our lives in a number of ways some of which are:
• It helps in achieving the target and objective in our life.
• Good manners help to live a happy and healthy life.
• Good manners help to live in a disciplined manner at every place.
• Good manners help to boost confidence at every stage of our life.
• Good manners help to come in the good books or in the favorite list of every person.
• Good manners help to increase positivity and to build a good image on the public platforms.
So, good manners help directly or indirectly at every stage of our life.


At last, it is concluded that good manners are a very important part of our life. It helps to build a good image at every stage of our life. No person can achieve their target in life until they do not follow good manners. We can learn good manners from our parents because they help us to find what is right and what is wrong in our life, we also learn good manners from teachers, friends, societies, culture, relatives, etc. There is a number of things which are included in the good manners as we discussed above. And it helps us in various different manners.