An Essay on Nature


Nature is the precious gift that is given to us by god. Nature includes everything which we found in our surroundings like water which is used for drinking, air which is used for breathing, greenery which we can see in the form of plants, trees, etc. are the things that are included in nature. Nature exists for a number of decades even when there is no presence of humankind on the earth.

Nature is an integral part of our living. No one can stay and survive on the earth without nature. Nature includes both living organisms as well as nonliving organisms. Plants, animals, rivers, lakes, ponds are human beings, that collectively make beautiful nature. Beautiful and pleasant nature helps the various artists, poets, writers, in getting inspirational and new thoughts for writing articles, poems, speeches.

Significance of Nature

Nature plays a very significant role in the life of every mankind. It is impossible to survive on the earth without the essentials which are given to us by nature. It is the only nature that helps in protecting us and nature also can destroy us in a single minute.

Nature provides many basic necessities of life. We can’t live a single day only on earth without water which is a natural resource given to us by the nature without which survival is not possible. We can use water for a number of purposes like drinking, cooking, bathing, etc. So nature helps to fulfill these needs. We also need various food for eating which is also provided to us by the nature.

Air is another basic necessity of our life without which no one can survive on this earth. Fresh air is provided to us by plants, trees which help to live a healthy life. So this essential is also given to us by nature which plays a very significant role in our life.

Nature in Danger

Now in this technological world protecting nature is becoming a serious issue because our nature is in danger because of a number of ways. Continuously increasing in the automobiles and increment of cars, buses, truck, motorbikes, etc. lead to growing air pollution which destroyed the fresh air from the nature which is very necessary. Increment of factories, manufacturing industries, burning crackers is also becoming a serious issue which leads to air pollution.

The purity of water is also becoming destroyed because of water pollution causes like mixing of industrial wastage and chemicals in rivers, lakes, etc. Dumping of household wastage in the nearby drains etc. This all results in the end of the purity of water. There are many other reasons also because of which our nature is now in danger condition like soil erosion, ozone layer depletion, noise pollution, etc.

Conservation of Nature

Now it is very necessary to conserve nature. We can conserve our nature by taking various differential steps. Deforestation is one of the increasing problems in our nature. We can conserve our nature by growing more and more plants in every area because it results in the increasing level of oxygen on earth. We have to take initial steps to control the various pollution which we are facing.

Try to avoid using of personal vehicles for going to nearby places, the government must be put a ban on the burning of crackers, install industries far from the residential area, etc. are the steps which we can take to control the air pollution. We also have to take various steps to control the water pollution like don’t dump industrial and household wastages in the nearby drains, rivers, ponds, etc. Try to avoid washing clothes near rivers. Check the level of purity of water from time to time.


At last, it is concluded that nature is the integrated part of mankind without which survival on the earth is not possible. Nature provides us with various basic necessities of life like water, air, food, etc. Nature has the only capability to protect us and also destroy us.

Nature gives inspiration for writing to the various poets, writers artists, etc. But now the Conservation of Nature is becoming a serious issue. And we can take various measures to protect nature like planting more and more trees, take steps to control the water pollution, air pollution as we discussed above. So, we have to take all possible steps to conserve nature because without nature no one can stay on this earth.