An Essay on Cleanliness For Class 1-12

An Essay on Cleanliness


Cleanliness is an important part of our life. If we talk about our personal life, then we can maintain cleanliness in a number of ways Like brushing regularly, bathing regularly, wearing neat and clean clothes, living in a clean house, clean society, a clean environment, and many others. And it is very essential to maintain cleanliness in our day to day work to live a healthy life. Cleanliness helps us to live a happy and healthy life. There is a number of diseases that are far away from us by living in a clean environment. Cleanliness not only means to live in clean surroundings, but it also means a peaceful mind, pure soul, and many others.

An Essay on Cleanliness
An Essay on Cleanliness

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Importance of Cleanliness

An Essay on Cleanliness

As we all know that cleanliness is an essential part of everyone’s life. Some of its importance is given below:

Healthy life: The one of the major importance of cleanliness is that it helps to live a healthy life because there are a number of diseases which are far away from us if we live in a clean surrounding or clean atmosphere. For example, if our surrounding is totally clean and no water is collected in the streets and here and there etc. then diseases like malaria, dengue, typhoid don’t arise.

Good personality: Cleanliness also helps in maintaining and rising a good personality. Cleanliness not only means the external things like dressing etc. It also means internal things like a good soul, a healthy mind, etc. Then this all things help a person to maintain the good personality for living in the Society.

Self-confidence: Cleanliness automatically boosts the self-confidence in a person in a number of ways. Like cleanliness helps us in building a good mind, pure soul, then it automatically helps in raising self-confidence in a person. And a person can do every possible thing with self-confidence.

Preventing from infections: By wearing neat and clean clothes, eating fresh and washed vegetables and fruits, etc. helps us to prevent many infectious diseases but like skin infections, tummy infections, tummy infections, eye infections, and many others.

Internally strong: Cleanliness not only make the person externally good, but It also makes a person internally strong and fit. A healthy person helps in spreading good vibes in the environment. A sense Of positivity also increases in a person by living in a clean and healthy environment which makes a person internally strong.

Child awareness: One of the main importance of cleanliness is also child awareness. To maintain the cleanliness in our bodies and in our surroundings, children also became aware of this. Like they start washing hands before eating food, they bathe regularly, they wear cleaned clothes, etc. which helps in raising awareness in children.

Ways of Cleanliness

An Essay on Cleanliness

There is a number of ways by which we can make our bodies and our surrounding clean. Some of the important ways are given as:

• We must wash our hands whenever we come home and before eating the food etc.
• We must try to do yoga exercises etc. which help us in making our mind and body healthy and strong. In other words, we can say that this helps in making our body internally strong.
• We must wear neat, clean, and ironed clothes that prevent us from many skin diseases.
• We must eat vegetables, fruits, etc. after washing them. Which helps us in preventing many diseases like Tummy, liver infections, etc.
• Brushing the teeth at least twice a day.
• Whenever we handle a pet like a dog, cat, etc. then we must wash our hands before doing any other things. That helps prevent us from entering bacteria into our bodies.
• While sneezing and coughing try to cover your nose and mouth with some tissue paper or hand etc.
• We must have to take asleep for at least eight hours which also helps us in Making our body mentally and physically strong. We also maintain cleanliness in our society in a number of ways like using dustbins, not using plastic bags, etc.


An Essay on Cleanliness

At last, it is concluded that cleanliness is a very essential part of our life, which we can maintain by doing a number of things like by bathing regularly, brushing our teeth regularly, wearing neat and clean clothes, using dustbins, not using plastic bags, etc. These all things help us in making internally strong, boosting self-confidence, preventing from diseases, helps to live a healthy life, etc.

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